Lights out!!!
Shadows bloom
Crawling hands slide to me across a midnight room
I fear my blankets may not be the best
Defenses that I could have mustered!
Still the cold beyond is like lizard claws
Crawling from the hereafter
Silent things scream from silent - BANG!
Still the room is still, but I'm filled with a cold
I'm terrified!!
I'm terrified!!
I'm terrified!!
I'm terrified!!

Felt cold, alone
I pick up the phone
But I fear that it's been disconnected
I don't even check
'Cause I hear a breath
And I know this is the end of me
...I'm going to hell!!!

A silent scream- it whispers free from me
My mouth is dry, my eyes are wide
I'm statuesque, I'm petrified
The room is black
My mind is red
I'm alone in my room
But there's someone in my head!
Haunted hands haunt me in the narrow of the night
And I'm shaking, thinking, begging for that precious nite-lite
I'm terrified!!
I'm terrified!!
I'm terrified!!
I'm terrified!!

What should I do when the nightmares come true?
The lampshades have faces and the closets are cruel
Gasp and tremble and weep and drool

Dawn's glorious light- a stale recourse
I'm the empty cup
I'm still seeing stars
Well that's alright
It's like I'm already there
Seven dawns up
Seven moons down
I'll get to sleep some night soon
That's alright
It's like I'm already there

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The House Of Boo song meanings
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    General CommentHere's what this song means, coming straight from the horse's mouth (...pun intended):

    "When I was little there was this one day where I came home with my mom and we lived in these apartments and my grandma lived in the one below us and we saw that our window was opened upstairs and the screen was taken out and we called the cops but before they got there I got antsy and wanted a toy and my mom wanted somthing (I think her purse or something) and we went up there with my aunt and my aunt and mom had knives and while they checked every room I went into my room and got my light brite and then we left and as we got to the bottom of the stairs this dude came out of our house and was like eleven feet tall and he had a knife and he just looked at us and ran away and my mom screamed "oh my god he must have been in nathan's closet" and that scared me really bad.
    then two years later my mom woke me up in the middle of the knight and handed me a giant knife (I was like ten) and we stood in the front room back to back with knives and you could hear somebody heavy breathing coming from the VENTS of all fucking places and we sat in the middle of the front room all night with knives until morning.
    wow, that was real scary."
    iLL Ronaldon October 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentindeed scary!
    choxon October 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI always thought it had to do with Super Mario's boo house (SNES). I guess when you're nintendo core you get type cast and everyone expects them to be about nintendo games... Maybe there is more to these guys afterall
    sobooon March 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentScairy meaning... but the name still makes me laugh =D
    Iowa $evenon April 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe sequence of goodness that is the paragraph
    "What should I do when the nightmares come true
    The lampshades have faces and the closets are cruel
    Gasp and TREMBLE - weep and DROOL" has the most awesome and groovy keyboards!
    superSaladchoiceon May 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFinally, someone is listening to Nathan and finally someone admits that maybe, JUST MAYBE,

    dean-ialon July 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe first comment is correct
    and the comment directly before mine.
    Only 3 songs by Horse the Band have to do with nintendo
    Birdo - Super Mario Bros. 2
    Cutsman - Mega Man
    Pol's Voice - The Legend of Zelda
    Elianoon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentword up above commentor...also this song is so fun to listen to incredibly loud while driving incredibly fast incredibly late at night when it is incredibly dark outside right after smoking an incredibly fat j o i n t. what, no?
    linkslaysallon July 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentActually, I know not all songs from H:TB are related to nintendo, but you have to notice the middle break of this song, when it's only the keyboards is a song taken from Super Mario Bros. The castle where there was a ot of little boos, and you had to turn your back on them so they stop.
    Mario-Ellieon July 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with dean-ial and the first post, i've been reading arguments between him and people and I have to say as where he is right he's also a tad bit wrong, nintendocore is somthing horse gave themselves as a joke because everyone feels the need to slap a label on everything and also with their songs not directly being about nintendo characters they find very clever ways of using them as a metaphor for somthing more meaningful about their views or personal life. overall they're great musicians and i enjoy the hell out of their music. and as for the guy talking about smoking a joint and driving fast down a dark road, that's somthing to be real proud about, no seriously,...:|
    HORSEthefanon August 24, 2006   Link

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