She's lost - she's late
She's zooming on a couch somewhere
Or high - or home
I'm not supposed to call her there

I wait - I smoke
I stare into my coke
It's happening again
I tell myself that it's over and done, amen

Her skin - like milk
It's like she's never seen the sun
Some hearts to crunch
Is more like her idea of fun
I know - she's ill
I'm cruising for a spill
I'm hanging just the same
I need to be in the heat
Of her cold white flame

Another negative girl
At the edge of the frame
Deliciously toxic
The original classic thing - more of the same

She's in the zone
Crying on the phone
I need you here
I'm on the street again
Staggering out into the burn of the brain dead dawn
To arrive in time to find her gone

She's on the train
To somewhere up by Fordham Road
Her reptile brain
Locked down and ready in combat mode
Some cash - a key
This guy she has to see
A doctor friend uptown
And maybe she gets to me when she comes back down

Another negative girl
Spinning out of the frame
Exquisitely limpid
The original classic thing - more of the same

A goof - a buzz
If that is what it was
Then how do you explain
The way she looks when she's
Dragging me out to dance with her
In the summer rain

Another negative girl
At the edge of the frame
Exhausting and luscious
The original classic thing - more of the same

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Negative Girl song meanings
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    General Comment'She' is coke.
    PhnomPencilon December 04, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI think this is about a dude who has hooked up with a slightly nuts girl who is manipulating him, but he is entranced by her.

    This has happened to him before, and he sees what's happening: "it's happening again..." "I know she's ill, I'm cruising for a spill." / "..more of the same"

    She is troubled: "crying on the phone." Needy and manipulative: "I need you here/I'm on the street again." "her reptile brain already in combat mode." Mysterious: "some cash, a key, this guy she has to see"

    Although he knows she is negative, "deliciously toxic," "some hearts to crunch is her idea of fun," and though he even entertains the possibility that the whole affair is only "a goof, a buzz", he can't let go of her because of her wild, passionate antics: "dragging me out to dance with her in the summer rain." And her mystery: "I need to be in the heat of her cold white flame."

    My God, if this girl doesn't sound like someone with borderline personality disorder....
    franklinpeachon February 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree. She has issues. However,he is drawn to that
    kamakiriadon February 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGuys her issue is she is a heroine addict... she's lost, she's late she's zooming on a couch... she gets the nods, which people do when on smack. her skin is like milk... she's anemic, skinny, sickly like she has never seen the sun...She's on a train updown to visit a "doctor friend" he is her supplier, might be a real doctor, more likely not...and maybe she will get to me when she "comes back down" not from the Bronx but from her high...

    Now here is my twist... he may not know she is a drug addict cause when she is functionable she is fun and does fun things like dancing in the rain... he knows she has issues but he may not know its smack... This guy is hooked cause how many girls do you date that you are not allowed to call at home? Coolest lyric in the song is... Deliciously toxic...I know/knew a few girls in my life like that!

    Lastly he stares into his coke is likely not drug related... he might be so "straight" he misses her drug problem completely.
    underbanyantreeson March 01, 2008   Link
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    General Commentgirl with a drug problem? yes....girl with a heroin problem? no....this girl is a coke/crack addict..."minor" clues would be 'zooming' (which is a rapid ascent), the description of her skin color (or lack there of), "doctor-friend uptown", "cold WHITE flame", et al...for me, though, the MAJOR clue is, at the very end, when he refers to her antics as "the original, classic thing"; a definite reference to Coke (-a-Cola)
    THEOTHR1on February 20, 2014   Link

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