In the beginning
We could hang with the dude
But it's been too much of nothing
Of that stank attitude
Now they curse your name
And there's a bounty on your face
It's your own fault daddy
Godwhacker's on the case

We track your almighty ass
Through seven heaven-worlds
Me, Slinky Redfoot
And our trusty angel-girls
And when the stars bleed out
That be the fever of the chase
You better get gone poppie
Godwhacker's on the case

Be very very quiet
Clock everything you see
Little things might matter later
At the start of the end of history

Climb up the glacier
Across bridges of light
We sniff you, Big Tiger
In the forest of the night
Cause there's no escape
From the Rajahs of Erase
You better run run run
Godwhacker's on the case

Be very very quiet
Clock everything you see
Little things might matter later
At the start of the end of history

Yes we are the Godwhackers
Who rip and chop and slice
For crimes beyond imagining
It's time to pay the price
You better step back son
Give the man some whackin' space
You know this might get messy
Godwhacker's on the case

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Godwhacker Lyrics as written by Walter Becker Donald Fagen

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    Song MeaningBrilliant song, one of my favorites.

    The meaning is surprisingly simple; for Steely Dan anyway.

    In Donald Fagen's book Eminent Hipsters (Well worth a read btw) he says:

    "One more word about my mother: She died horribly of Alzheimer's. One time, after not seeing her for a while, I visited her in a nursing home in Ohio. As I walked towards her, she stared at me with great interest and then said, "You know, I've always liked you very much." Not long after that, she was gone. How do you like that?

    A couple of days later, I started writing a lyric for this song "Godwhacker," which Walter and I completed and recorded for a Steely Dan CD. It's about an elite squad of assasins whose sole assignment is to find a way into heaven and take out God. If the Deity actually existed, what sane person wouldn't consider this to be justifiable homocide?"

    So yeah. The lyrics are kind of straight forward. However it does give a whole new philosophical dimension to the song. The concept of if a God did exist, he surely deserves punished for his blatant lack of care etc.

    Whether you agree with the concept or not, or if you just don't care, it still adds a very deep philosophical meaning to the song.
    thebassman95on November 09, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIn the beginning We could hang with the dude > In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve and God were together in harmony
    Slinky Redfoot > satan
    And our trusty angel-girls > wives of the "sons of God" Genesis 6:2
    You better get gone poppie > refers to the pope?
    At the start of the end of history > end of the 6th millenium
    lambsevon May 05, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe Devil gets too big for his britches and puts a contract out on God...
    TMiller68on March 08, 2007   Link
  • +1
    General Comment"Yes we are the GodWhackers
    Who rip and chop and slice"

    mik91on September 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's about exactly what the title says: killing god.

    The first lyric is "In the Beginning," an obvious reference to Genesis (the book of the bible, not the band!)

    A couple of times they refer to the target with paternal words ("daddy", "poppie") meaning God the Father.

    "Slinky redfoot" is satan.

    Also, the theme of the entire album (_Everything Must Go_) is ending, so what better topic than the end of history?
    boloskyon November 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNice try associating "God" in this song with Saddam Hussein, but Reagan and the Bushes didn't create Saddam; you've got him mixed up with Manuel Noriega. Saddam was created by European bankers and his buddy/fellow Baathist Hafez al-Assad in Syria; he was just the least slimy of two alternatives when the Iraq-Iran War broke out (as horrible as Saddam was to HIS people, Khomeini and the Green Bands were even worse to the people of Iran; we backed what we thought was the least nasty of two nasty alternatives).

    No, this song isn't allegorical at all - it's Manichaean fantasy, the story of a pair of cosmic Super Flys who hunt down a god (lower case) guilty of "crimes beyond imagining," and then treat him like the cook at Benihana treats a cut of wagyu steak. Although the tagline "at the start of the end of history" tempts the listener to believe he's listening to an allegory of post-Cold War politics, this is just Fagen and Becker doing riffs on Gnosticism. Again.
    loupgarouson September 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI can't recall the source but I remember a reputable article which claimed the song is about the Bush 43 administration and the war on terror ( the "umbrella" war on terror, not just OBL but also the WMD propaganda being spread at the time). The underlying notion was how ridiculous it is (was) that this band of delusional leaders (Bush 43, OBL, Saddam, etc.) all fancied themselves as earthly Gods, or on some kind of religious mission.... ones that included mass murder.
    heartnmindon January 22, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is clearly about the dawn of religion. We have been promised all kinds of BS through time and know man is waking up to the possibility that there is no such thing as god. I don't get these bush theories, when this lyric is so clear. "There's a bounty on your face" everyone wants proof. And my favorite "For crimes beyond imagining
    It's time to pay the price" all the lives claimed by others in his name. Good song and the keyboard/guitar solos are amazing
    Mrmogensenon October 31, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI didn't have Gaucho until recently. I just got this album today because I heard them live.
    bkabbotton August 23, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI can see the religious interpretations as well as the Bush / Saddam Hussein connection, too. If you stop and think about it, the song is about taking down any given high-level formidable opponent, whether it's an arch-criminal, kingpin or a dictator. Every criminal of significant achievement I've ever dealt with eventually gets a bit of a god-complex (hence the reference to someone who was cool in the beginning then got too full of the stank attitude). The song is almost a like an allegorical pair of sunglasses that can be worn to look at whatever you're dealing with. Me personally, I deal in IT security, so I see myself as a Godwhacker when on the hunt to take down some cybercriminal or to thwart a hack attack.
    MaxNomadon February 13, 2014   Link

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