All the pieces are where they ought to be
But it's clear that we don't look lightly
Take a place around the tabletop
Make a push to wake the moment up

Say, you want to say what's wrong
Any way to blow up the cover
There's a way through bogs
As long as there's a light to discover it

Like a twisted stick, let's dig through the sick and find a level space
Cinch to say

It's a gut that feels all things unknown
And a ring within the brain, you know
Not ashamed to say the instinct's there
But a virtue to deny the bait

Know the cost and move to cause an endeavour
Globbed onto something
In the lawn, there's room to improve
As there's a need to uncover it

As a joker sucks, let's sift through the muck and lift this dingy veil
Same old tale

Get mixed in this crippling fixture, try and approach the hidden mixtures
Get mixed in this crippling fixture, try and approach the hidden nature

For a misplaced stash, let's search through the trash
And write this ignorant lurch, wicked urge

Raise the gab above a whisper, speak to sound a spoiling blister
Raise the gab above a whisper, talk to cure a blistered picture

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Lying in the Grass Lyrics as written by David Michael Portner Noah Benjamin Lennox


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    General CommentNothing beats waking up, whacking this baby on at full volume and squawking the lyrics downstairs whilst making cheese on toast.
    Nimbulanon January 26, 2007   Link
  • +4
    General CommentIt's about makin' love for the first time
    ThePythonon March 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentcathaya is an idiot i'm pretty sure. And i think this song is about a couple of friends. The guy wants to be with her but is pretty sure she just wants to be friends. Then they have sex one night, and they start a relationship. He gives up on dealing with life because if he has her then that's all he needs. That's the line about sleeping patterns, i believe. Then things seem to be progressing, but all of a sudden he thinks it all changed. The apple eating is a reference to adam and eve and so he thought they were made for each other but he's wondering if that all just went away. He asks her to be sure she's happy outside of their sexual relationship [the summer places] because lots of people can be happy during a happy time, but if you're supposed to be together then you can make bad times a happy time as well. Like most people enjoy summer because its sunny and happy, but when that's gone, if you're in the middle of a life you truly enjoy, you won't enjoy it only when the world around you seems good. So now he's wondering if its all about the sex and the hair and touching is apparently on the girl. And so she would be happy about that kind of sexual intimacy, but when he asks if they want to see each other even though they don't need to see each other, it is about being together when they don't have sexual urges. That's what the often means. He wants to have a real relationship, but she is seemingly only happy because of the sexual relationship, and he wants to ask her if she has more feelings for her beyond that, so the song is a question posed to her. And the grass for the title probably is the same euphamism as the hair that she would be happy if he touched her there.

    My guess.
    SamanthaSecretAgenton July 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentuhm..avey posted the real lyrics. so her:
    i was walking on feet just like my fathers and my knees were trying to reach you at
    your mothers cause my nose was screaming that you smelled like a lover but my hands
    were happy to treat you like a brother then

    we do the dance up on the plains
    then i shake your shoulders
    you push me down into the grains
    who rubs our noses in the night? we do we do

    pow pow now now pow pow now now

    ive been into the plants and simple treasures
    and i sew patches on pants and i get pleasure
    and i dont make particular plans cause they dont matter
    if you keep on foolin in bed with my sleeping patterns

    ” ”

    ” ”

    Whats with all the changes since the time i was aware its like the apple eating people that we once were arent there
    Did they empty out their pockets and debase their younger faces and you must make sure your happy when you leave your summer places
    pretty little femur sitting in my cherry dream boat id be sad if your rejected from my hip bone and my knee if i sailed away from continents and touched my lovers hair then youd be very happy if i touched her there
    ” ”
    Youd be very happy if i touched her there, i was very nervous how i felt in there i was very cautious whatd you say hey there
    would you like to see me often though you dont need to see me often
    cause id like to see you often though i dont need to see you often
    coveredinfrogson September 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhy assume it's about a girl?

    "my hands were happy to treat you like a brother"
    badhabiton November 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentim surprised there haven't been more interpretations here. These lyrics have a pretty deep meaning to me, even though its delivered pretty uptempo and not always too coherently. so, line by line...

    He was just going through life as his fathers before him, trying to make a connection to a girl just as someone did with her mother before. She excites his senses and he wants to treat her kindly.
    The dance on the plains is his joyous activites with his girl. A dance is an embrace of the moment, in a beautiful natural surrounding like a plain. He "shakes her shoulders", like exciting her in a playful and innocent way. She lays him down in another natural setting (grains) and they embrace like lovers. The "pow, pow, now, now" could be any number of things, from the badass impact of the moments with her, or how they are together, or how she is, or the motion of sex (another beautiful embrace in keeping with what he mentions earlier and with the manically melodic sound of the chorus).
    He is delighted by natural and simple joys of life;he also enjoys all the tribulations in life, the constant conflict and resolution. He doesn't plan ahead because you never know whats going to happen, and he can't be decisive about plans if either his girl keeps him distracted in the bed, or maybe he stays up and dwells on possibilities at night and that allows people to disrupt his natural state.
    He wonders about all the changes he (and people in general) has undergone since being born and it might be because he has lost innocence and isn't that simple happy person anymore (the "apple eating people", enjoying and feeding off nature and life). "Empty out their pockets" sems pretty straightforward; they have given all they had away and are they left with nothing, after "debas[ing] their younger faces." You must make certain that you enjoy those years and are left happy when you leave the "summer" season of your life. The "pretty little femur" is a big part of your natural composition, just like your inborn innocence and wonder in the world (basically natural parts of you that are good. the "cherry dream boat" in which it sits is his natural ideal place). He would be sad if such a natural, vital, "pretty" part of himself would leave him; how it would leave him could be any number of ways and/or socially imposed processes. If he were to "sail away from continents," or dissociate himself from society (but not his lover), and embrace aspects of that which he most loves ("touch [his] lover's hair") then the natural parts of his being would be in happy peace. He is anxious in some crossroads decision about connections with people, maybe just one person (the lover); there is the outright admission of afffection and request for company, each followed by a conditional statement ('but you don't need to..") that doesn't wholly give oneself to others (not 'give' in the sense of sacrifice, more like wholehearted emotion).
    I have been listening to it pretty nonstop and more lately after reading the words. It is so drenched in badassness; i really can't think of another band like this
    Surtionaryon September 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentRS: To what degree do you want your lyrics to be understood? Obviously, there are certain songs where the lyrics seem to be obscured by vocal techniques or effects or mixing. Do you like using the voice as more of an instrument, with words being secondary to tones? Do you think words can ever distract a listener from the music? Do you think language and music are even suited or unsuited for each other?

    AVEY TARE: In my perfect musical world a person could understand the lyrics or not understand the lyrics as they wanted. Initially, with writing music that included vocals, it was primarily the goal (and still is) to have the voice be seen as another instrument, as having a very integrated role in the overall scheme of a song. Though our song writing has become a little more focused on vocals than it had been in the past, it would still feel awkward to only focus on hearing the lyrics. Just as we like sounds to fit in with the color and feel of a song, I’d say we approach vocals in a very similar manner. Since “Sung Tongs” was a lot less effected and more minimal, it was the first time we could really use the lyrics as a guide to the color and the feeling of the tunes. It’s fun to think of characters taking you through these environments we are creating and speaking to you about what’s going on and have the lyrics hint at the sounds and maybe even mess with your mind a little. For our new record I think it’s the first time where the lyrics are basically from my point of view. I guess I just feel like I wanted to say something and that’s the way it came out.

    But the music and the vocals will always be very attached and I think, most of the time, the lyrics get lost in the sound anyway, which is fine cause I don’t necessarily think lyrics are that important to getting into a song, as long as the feeling stays intact and the emotion doesn’t get lost — though it’s nice to think that people could know them if they wanted. Bands like My Bloody Valentine or Lightning Bolt or Wolf Eyes, even Nirvana are examples of bands that have gotten away with mastering the full effect of a song without necessarily having the vocals be heard perfectly. And yet you still know they are there and they convey a certain feeling that fits with the song. I think language blends itself perfectly to making music that’s primarily sound-based, because you can manipulate words and phrases just like you can manipulate sounds. Lyrics don’t even have to make sense so much as words and letters sound good with the way I write a song.

    RS: Do have any specific themes you focus on? I know you said that you are more concerned with the phonetics of words, but are there any reoccurring ideas? There are quite a few animal
    references — kitties, tigers, bats, rabbits, penguins, manatees, etc. But is there anything else?

    AVEY TARE: Mostly, I focus on what’s in my head and in my heart at the moment. I guess these things are affected by a combination of my dealings and feelings with my friends. What I read and a lot of what I just see around me. “Kids on Holiday,” for instance, is basically just about Noah (Panda Bear) and I getting used to traveling around and playing music and what it’s like to be traveling so much and feeling tired and all the kinds of people you see around you moving. Moving for work, moving for pleasure, moving for nothing.

    But I read a lot of mystical literature, and surrealist literature and I watch a lot of twisted films, so I think my viewpoint is kind of skewed by these things and the words come out like they do. But in a nutshell, it’s about being alive, you know? That’s basically what playing music is about for me, being alive. It makes me feel alive and it gives me a chance to talk about how I feel about being alive. I think it’s a shame cause most singers today just turn themselves into a cliché and that’s what they think a singer is supposed to sing about. I don’t really care at this point and I don’t really care if people like or hate my lyrics. I want to write something that sounds good with the music we make and that makes me feel good to sing about. I do hope others can relate to what I say, if they can hear it, but really I’m just talking about what’s in my head and trying to say what life is like to me.
    goodlittlesquidon June 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI definately agree with Surtionary on the meaning. To me this song has a deep meaning aswell. It reminds me of my feelings toward my current boyfriend.
    leoparddestrokkon May 14, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwould you like to see me often, though you don't need to see me often
    cause I'd like to see you often, though I don't need to see you often

    best lines evarrrrrrrrrr. this represents when someone is actually worth the effort, when I start feeling what Avey is singing.
    kappav2on November 24, 2009   Link
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    General Commentgreat song.
    _smogalerton December 24, 2005   Link

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