"Crack Music" as written by and Willard Lawrence Jr./west Meeks....
That's that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga
(That's that crack music nigga)
(That real black music nigga)

How we stop the black panthers?
Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer
You hear that?
What Gil Scott was hearing
When our heroes and heroines got hooked on heroin
Crack raised the murder rate in DC and Maryland
We invested in that it's like we got Merril-Lynch
And we been hanging from the same tree ever since
Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine
So we cook it, cut it, measure it, bag it, sell it
The fiends cop it
Nowadays they can't tell if that's that good shit
We ain't sure man
Put the CD on your tongue yeah, that's pure man

That's that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga
(That's that crack music nigga)
(That real black music nigga)

From the place where the fathers gone
The mothers is hardly home
And the
Gonna lock us up in a, home
How the Mexicans say we just trying to party homes
They want to pack us all in a box like Styrofoam
Who gave Saddam anthrax?
George Bush got the answers
Back in the hood it's a different type of chemical
Am and Hammer baking soda
Raised they own quota
Writing when our soldiers ran for the stove 'cause
'Cause dreams of being 'Hova went from being a brokeman to a being a dopeman
Ta being a president look there's hope man
This that inspiration for the mos and the folks man
Shorty come and see if mama straight overdosing
And this is the soundtrack
This the type of music you make when you round that
Crack music nigga
That real black music nigga

That's that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga

God-how could you let this happen, happen, happen, happen, happen, happen?

That's that crack music, crack music
That real black music, black music

That's that crack music nigga
That real black music nigga

That's that crack music, crack music,that real black music, black music

Our father, give us this day our daily bread, give us these days and take our daily bread
See I done did all this ole bullshit
And to atone I throw a little something, something on the pulpit
We took that shit, measured it and then cooked that shit
And what we gave back was crack music
And now we ooze it through they nooks and crannies
So our mammas ain't got to be they cooks and nannies
And we gonna repo everything they ever took from Grammy
Now the former slaves trade hooks for Grammy's
This dark dixon has become America's addiction those who ain't even black use it

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"Crack Music" as written by Kanye West Williard Lawrence Jr Meeks

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    General Commentim suprised nobody has commented on this song, its without a doubt the deepest track on late registration.

    After the civil rights movement the gov't put crackcocaine in the inner city communities, and it tore us apart, the effects of this can still be seen today. alot of blacks invested heavily in the drug game... if they wernt using it.. they were selling it.

    the other half of the song is saying how Hip Hop Music is becoming "the next crack" for us. Alot of us are rapping, and almost all of us are listening to it. We're making ALOT of money from hip hop. It was once seen as a negative thing, but in this country, if it makes money, corporate america will jump in.

    So the line at the end that says "this dark diction has become americas addiction" is so true, because this BLACK artform has been accepted by mainstream whites and they cant get enough, so just like we used to bag up and slang crack...we're now bagging up and slangin hip hop... and people are hooked.

    I love this song, its so true...so so so true..
    Chuck Tayloron October 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentChuchTaylor did a good job of explaining the song.
    I love it.
    go_pete_goon December 23, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthe beat is the best ive heard in awhile, a technical genius at that...im glad someone is actually using talent in the rap world
    n3j1y1on January 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentso good so ill and so deep, its one of those songs that you hear on the cd once or twice and like the beat and the flow but have no idea how much meaning it has until you look up the lyrics.

    the song i think talks about the irony of how the government got black neighborhoods hooked on and undermined by crack (or so he says) and now some years later blacks are rapping and writin about it and selling it right back as music. from it hip hop has emerged and is arguably the most popular genre and ironically whites are the biggest consumers.
    Old Dirt Hillon August 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt has been "claimed' that the reagan admin put crack in the streets.
    GWBon February 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti deserve credit!
    jjjonatronon March 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOne of my favourite songs on late registration,

    the chorus "thats that crack music nigga, that real black music nigga" I think means that this song is intended for black people to hear, I say this because of the word "crack." Crack as stated in an earlier post was developed and intended for black people.
    QWARteeon June 03, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwhy hasn't someone figured out what those "...." parts are IN THE WHOLE INTERNET?
    jjjonatronon March 01, 2008   Link

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