Every day when I leave my house I water my grass. The lawn sings and assures me to "Have a nice day while you can afford it. Soak up the sun before they make you buy it." Sometimes things don't pass. They kinda just stop coming. Just like my paychecks. I don't equal up to the work that I put in. You said you need me even though I'm an asshole.

Lately I don't get enough sleep. The bags by my eyes can carry my groceries. I drink wine just to feel more romantic.

The creeps that your grin gives me keep me from slumber. Your currents are violent and holding me under.

Let's take a walk down back to that playground where we were just girls and boys, sand and toys, nothing ruined our days besides the rain. As we get older it rains more often. We become toys waiting for someone to pick us out of the sand. To hold our hearts and help us understand.

We all have those ones who will never care. We all have those people who will never call. We all miss someone way too much all the time.

Take me on ship and we'll kiss this anchor out to sea. Some soldiers they shoot. Some miss their call to duty. I'll extend my arms out to learn a lesson that no teachers teach on how to admire the morning in case this is the last one that I'll ever see.

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    General CommentThe bags by my eyes can carry my groceries

    I'll extend my arms out to learn a lesson that no teachers teach on how to admire the morning in case this is the last one that I'll ever see.
    I love those lyrics!
    tommyhaychon September 12, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyeah, fuck. these lyrics are so good.
    charcoalsketchon October 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis used to be my theme song.

    This song is soooo meaningfull!
    HoldSteadyYborCityon July 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.

    Enjoy life while you can. That's the real message.
    annematronicalon October 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI remember the first time I listened to the song I was like, 'Whaaa?'
    I'd been a fan of Socratic for a while and I downloaded it and I was kinda lost.

    I didn't relate at all until like three weeks ago, when I was ticked at someone.

    To me, this song is like an angry, bitter Duane telling about his situation and how ticked off he is by giving examples. (The paychecks, you need me though I'm an asshole, the sun won't be free someday, insomnia, he misses simpler times, etc.) He tries to maintain an optimistic view that comes out more as sarcasm.
    (She needs him, but he's an asshole, everything's beautiful but extremely hard to gain, etc.)

    But the last stanza he's all, 'Well, I guess I'll deal and get over this sooner or later. So I'll take it and learn and bear because I know that this probably won't be the last time I feel this down. La la la.'

    I agree with annematronical. :D
    Miss[Conception]on June 01, 2008   Link

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