My days of wishful thinking
Soldiers of sorrow sinking
Words dance, beginning riddle
And in the end, and in the middle
Deep will I dig, I

Here's a nickel for your time and a dollar for your dime
Just another night of laying low
I see a shovel in the hand of a wild-eyed man
With a mission and a goal below
But I don't want to, you don't want to
We don't want to know
And forgotten are the cross, and the naked and the lost
And the lover of the tired and cold

I've learned of this religion
But I've lost my peaceful vision
Girl ghost is in the stairway
She likes it when I rub my eyes
Deep will I dig, I

So give a smile and a cringe to the lunatic fringe
I'm a little tired of saying so
See the spin and the whirl of a wide-eyed girl
Still digging for an honest soul
But I don't want to, you don't want to
We don't want to know
And dying on the cross for the sick and the lost
Is the lover that I long to know

Useless and empty, is it?
World stupid, loveless limits
With immune-deficient fathers
Sick sons and dying daughters
Deep will I dig, I

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"Deep" as written by Stone Gossard Eddie Vedder

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    General CommentNot sure if this is what Gene meant, but this is what I get out of it.

    God gets blamed for everything that goes wrong. If we look superficially at the circumstances we see it's easy to say, "Well God didn't stop this from happening, so he must not exist", or something of equivalent misconception. This song is about looking deeper into the situations and circumstances to realize how it might fit into God's plan. It's also an expression of commitment to be seeking God rather than drawing conclusions based on partial information.

    In the first verse I think he is talking about the early days of his life, being naive and then disillusioned by life.

    In the first chorus I think he's talking about the struggle by the most unlikely of people. Those who are downcast, but not giving up. Still searching for the meaning, and not surrendering. Maybe in the form of a crazy old man walking down the street muttering to himself. Trying to unravel the mysteries of life. These people are often dismissed by society because they don't fit in, but maybe it's the fact that they don't fit in that gives them an insight that we lack.

    In the second verse I think he's talking about typical Christianity. We know what the Bible says, but we don't make the effort to implement it into our lives. He also makes reference to the "girl ghost in the stair way" being appreciative that he is still searching for answers. I'm not really sure how it fits, but it almost seems like honoring those who died without hope by finding out why.

    The second chorus is along the same lines as the first. He's talking about those outside of the mainstream possibly being closer to God than those who follow the status quo.

    In the third verse he asks the question: is life truely meaningless. Then he leaves it open ended citing a few reasons why it might be, but then nevertheless commits to searching. I'm reminded of Ecclesiasties, everything is meanless, but fear and follow God anyway. Never give up searching for the truth.
    shephon March 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is all about putting faith in theology. The title, 'Deep', refers to digging deeper into the Bible for answers, looking for more profound truths, but neglecting the simple truths that are so apperent on the surface.

    The first verse sets the stage. 'Wishful thinking' is the human ideas that occur to us that attempt to put God's truth into some kind of logical structure we can understand. The 'words dance' line implies using logical rhetoric to make the Bible say what we think it 'should' say. I think 'Soldiers of Sorrow' refers to those that create additional rules and regulations on top of the simple commandments that God has given us.

    The first chorus starts by demonstrating how a clever turn of phrase can lead to something that doesn't make practical sense ('dollar for your dime'). The wild-eyed man is the one looking for deeper truths, literally, with a shovel. But forgotten on the cross are the naked and the lost. The simple truths, and simple needs, are ignored. The 'I don't want to, you don't want to, we don't want to know' probably refers to the collective blindness to the needs around us.

    Second verse uses the term 'religion' to give a name to this. Religion, in this case, refers to the rules and structure, rather than the faith. Losing the peaceful vision implies a lack of peace with the religion (i.e. a religion without faith). I think the girl ghost in the hallway refers to the Holy Spirit, which prefers when we "walk by faith and not by sight" 'when I rub my eyes'. It could also be a reference to clearing the eyes to remove that which is preventing clear sight. Although the image that comes to my mind is of a student studying late at night who pauses to rub his eyes because he has been staring at his book for too long.

    The next chorus is some great word-smithing. The 'lunatic fringe' represents those that are more concerned with theology than faith, more concerned with religion than relationship with Jesus. The wide-eyed girl refers back to the first chorus, with the man becoming a girl for strictly lyrical reasons. And of course, the line about dying on the cross is a lover that I long to know refers to the need for a personal relationship with Christ, rather than dry facts of theology.

    The final verse describes the world with only theology and without a living faith and real relationship with Jesus; Useless, Empty, and Stupid. The 'loveless limits' refers rules and requirements that are man-made and not God ordained. And the results? Immune-deficient fathers, sick sons and dying daughters. But I will keep digging, because the answer has to be down there somewhere, despite the fact that it's staring us in the face.

    scalawagon April 20, 2009   Link

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