Like my father
Dodging army coat
He never thought that I’d sink or float
I’d be dismissed
By fear or fist
Which made me angry
Like a classmate
My name on his desk
I liked him better
Coz he’s on my chest
He said I’m wrong
Now move along
Rejected – angry
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Nothing like love, sex
Everything, its all or nothing
Oh, I would kill anyone for you

Like a liar
Oh what have you done?
No happy ending
Kitten with the gun
Fought tooth and nail
To no avail
Frustrated - angry

Like a sister,
Never good enough,
So I was weird
Over fed and deaf
With wounded words
It sounds absurd
That left me angry
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Nothing like love sex
Everything, its all or nothing
Oh, I would kill anyone for you.
Love drug, I'm not in love,
It's all, all, all sex, apathy,
Oh, I would kill anyone for you.

You’re like a killer
In the dead of night
You rip me open
And I will not fight
For on this day
I will just lay

Quiet, not angry
Quiet, not angry.

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    General CommentAwesome lyrics :)

    very distorted, typically Scarling.
    trenchmouthon September 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHmmm what is this song about though?? I think its just about how someone can scorn you, and you're pissed at them, sure, but then you realize it isnt worth it.
    KillMeFasteron December 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about Jessicka changing herself to a better person. Which, can be seen by changing from the angry band Jack off Jill to the quite band Scarling. hehe yo
    TappiTikkarrasson January 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOh, I was really sad when I found out JOJ broke up, but now I switched to Scarling... ^o^ I love it!!
    lelemonadeon June 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti could have sworn the lyrics are 'carved his on my chest'
    but anyway.
    great song, I love Scarling almost as much as JOJ
    HoldMeUnderon July 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentCould be about Marilyn Manson ( " like a father" Founder of JOJ) and JOJ relationship with the band being like a highschool drama.

    " i could have sworn the lyrics are 'carved his on my chest' " me too... Which would make more sence. (I'm thinking about the reference to the fan girls who carved Marilyn Manson's name into their chests)
    ToxicMuffinson November 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFrom the verses, it seems like she is recounting the people in her life who had hurt her the most, and made her feel the most angry or scorned. She is left angry from all these people, because they hurt her in some way. But in the end, she gets raped by some guy. He's "like a killer" because he killed her will to be angry, and she has given up her anger, so she "just lay"s, "quiet, not angry". Anger requires that you have some internal will or motivation to prove someone wrong or hurt them; thus one might not feel angry against someone whom they feel hopeless to retaliate against.

    tl;dr So many people have hurt me in my life, but what you did is different; you took away my self and my will to be angry at anyone anymore.

    However, I have pretty much no idea how the chorus fits into that. So maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she's thankful for getting raped because it dissolved her hopes and expectations that she couldn't seem to reach.
    DAMtastychickenon February 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentLike DAMtastychicken, I think the song is about the singer re-accounting all their difficulties throughout their life to their lover.

    "Like my father/Dodging army coat" - The singer had a dead-beat dad who always made excuses to get out responsibilities in life.

    "He never thought that I'd sink or float/I'd be dismissed/By fear or fist/Which made me angry" - When the singer first went out on her own, her father told her they would never make it out in the real world, which obviously annoyed the singer.

    "Like a classmate/My name on his desk/I liked him better/Coz he's on my chest/He said I'm wrong/Now move along/Rejected - angry" - When the singer was in high school, I think she was led on by a classmate she had a crush on. Maybe she got a tattoo of his name on her chest? Anyways, when she actually tried to get with him, he rejected her.

    "Nothing like love, sex/Everything, its all or nothing/Oh, I would kill anyone for you" - The chorus is about the singer's current relationship with her lover. She loves her partner with all her might, and she would even kill for him.

    "Like a liar/Oh what have you done?/No happy ending/Kitten with the gun/Fought tooth and nail/To no avail" - This part is kind of confusing... maybe it was about a different, previous love she had. Her old lover cheated on her and she (tried to) kill his mistress, but it didn't work and he ended up leaving her.

    "Like a sister/Never good enough/So I was weird/Over fed and deaf/With wounded words/It sounds absurd/That left me angry" - The singer had a sister that everyone paid attention to, so the singer made dressed, acted, etc. weird to get attention. Instead, she got made fun of for being weird.

    "Love drug, I'm not in love/It's all, all, all sex, apathy" - Okay, so now I think the singer's 'perfect' lover did something that spurned her, like maybe cheated or something. She tries to convince herself that doesn't REALLY love him, just is in it for sex or something, but that's not true.

    "You're like a killer/In the dead of night/You rip me open/And I will not fight/For on this day/I will just lay/Quiet, not angry/Quiet, not angry" - The singer had opened up to their lover about all her struggles in life, but now they've just gone and hurt her. Instead of fighting against it like she had before, she decides to just accept it and not let things affect her anymore.
    thedeviltheoryon June 22, 2012   Link

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