"Easy Tiger" as written by and Novac Buckley....
How you gonna get up if you ain't never been down?
How you gonna move on if you ain't never had enough?
Give the signal advance the pill pushers
Administer a change purse full of Thorazine
Show this girl a little bar courtesy and
Keep her senses clear of the scene
We've found a gentleman caller who goes by the name

She's been weeping for, turn her over
Easy in easy out we've nearly got this situation
Stabilized, just some winces to eradicate
Take a deep breath cut the blue wire
Keep your fingers crossed and pray she's been detached
She stirs and I'm emasculated
Doctor! Doctor! Give her the blues
She got herself a varsity letter by loving you

Breach and clear the abandoned back seat of the Cadillac
We've been altered by the local authorities
That regret has been seen on the grounds
Teasing the dogs, making the rounds
There's a heart shaped bed in the honeymoon
Ward that circulates dust
Twitches and vomits in fits like the damned

Comforts none but the sloth yet we pay
By the hour for the bricklayers view
Johnny, dream of your gun, goddammit it Commander
She's a hopeless case, note the time she arrived
I didn't think we would lose another one to the sound
There were too many fangs for us to tame

Someone fetch her blue eyes from a restroom wall downtown
She stirs, we underestimated
Doctor! Doctor! Give me the news
She caught herself a cause of the wilds by loving you
She caught a bad case of the wilds and she flat lines

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"Easy Tiger" as written by Jordan Taylor Buckley Andrew John Williams

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    General Commenti wish the real lyrics instead of
    "Johnny, dream of your gun..."
    it was
    Johnny Damon your God... because thats what it sounds like
    BlessedLambon August 26, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's "we've been alerted", no 'altered'
    precipitateon September 02, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWell, I think most of you know that this song is about medicine related subject matter. I guess it kinda tells the story of a women who gets hurt, goes to the hospital and flatlines.
    Chuck Norris Zombieon November 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAlright, I think its about a woman who gets in an accident, goes to the hospital, has a boyfriend and starts banging her doctor (or something) and then contracts a disease and dies. I dunno, its a start.
    Chuck Norris Zombieon January 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwell not trying to be morbid. but i think this song is about a woman who parties too much and possibly overdoses and maybe gets raped. thorazine is a tranquilizer that was associated with being used as a date rape drug occasionally. with lines like she stirs and im emasculated and easy in and easy out and a bad case of the wilds they all have a sexual nature. i think it is suppose to sound mildly like a doctor visit but at the same time if you read it thinking she got picked up at the bar and is being date raped it makes sense as well.
    jaredrumon April 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis to me sounds like a break-up. It sounds like a girl sitting with her friends and they're trying to help her get over it. "easy in, easy out" sounds like a sexual reference on it's own, but in context, it sounds like a metaphor for surgery "cut the blue wire; keep your fingers crossed and pray shell be detached" . Kind of sounds like a metaphor for fixing a broken heart. A change purse full of Thorazine sounds like a metaphor meaning something like only girls can help this girl calm down and relax. Some of the language suggests that this guy made her give up things that she didn't want to, but at the same time, made her popular or better at something else. The rest suggests that he took her innocence and left her with a lot of shame. To me it also

    If7ever7howeveron December 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentCont'd
    Suggests that she had thought there was a really big future with this man. And finally, some of the language used makes me feel that Keith was the guy that dumped her.

    Keith uses very deep metaphors in his writing. Most people think his lyrics are just drunken ramblings or nonsense, but those people are generally too dumb to understand. He takes note of that in the song, "pretty dirty". I'm not saying my thoughts are right. I just want people to really read into his art. He is an insanely talented, unsung hero.
    If7ever7howeveron December 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI'm thinking it's about a girl who goes out to a bar to celebrate, after having left her ex. Then gets drugged, and in the backseat of Cadillac, taken to a motel, where she is then date raped. Afterwards, being tormented by overlooking her ex's qualities and having seen what some guys can do, she misses her ex. She then dwells on her regrets in relation to him, and eventually considers suicide by gun. She decides to go through with it, and after staring at a wall in a bathroom, she shoots herself.
    It sounds like it's being told from the perspective of the people involved in date raping her.
    " We've found a gentleman caller who goes by the name she's been weeping for
    "I didn't think we would lose another one to the sound"

    - Suggests that when she kills herself, she was threatening suicide through the door of a bathroom stall, and she requested her ex. Upon his arrival, the 'sound' of his voice as well as the "fangs" (mentioned after this, meaning the men she regrets comparing to her ex / leaving him for someone "better.") " spiral her into regret for leaving him, and out of guilt or remorse, she pulls the trigger. Why I'm getting this conclusion is because of the use of "fangs" and these lines:
    "We've been alerted by the local authorities that regret has been seen on the grounds, teasing the dogs, making the rounds"
    - As in she's been a tease, and the date rapists are the "dogs" who "bit her".
    "There were too many fangs for us to tame"
    Someone fetch her blue eyes from a bathroom wall downtown"

    - As if There are too many date rapists that the police don't have enough evidence against to convict.
    - As if she shot herself either staring at the wall, or in specifically in the head, spraying her head bits onto the wall.
    MrFruitson February 17, 2013   Link

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