"Strike" as written by and Jason Zumpano Daniel Bejar....
Why do you work when you're sick of lifting
When you're sick of lifting?
The festivities left you on the shelf
Why are you always trying to please everybody but yourself
That which bears witness to it's own failure
Are you so sure?

Why do you work for the festival
When you're sick of lifting spirits
Spirits, spirits to the sky
"Body" and "soul"
Two words for that same nameless thing you have never known

Why do you work
In place of bearing witness to your own inclusion

And strike
And strike


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"Strike" as written by Jason Zumpano Daniel Bejar


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    General CommentDoes it seem to anyone else that Daniel Bejar is some kind of cynic? It strikes me that either he is that or a critical, complaining giver of advice. And one always encouraging people to be open and honest or realistic and mature--almost like he's telling them what they should do not out of altruism but out of being wholly annoyed by them.
    "Don't become the thing you hated."
    "Once again you've...confused the catechism with your chores"
    "The sketchy crowd shows me drawings; they're alright--an alternately dim and frightful waste"
    Not that I understand anything this man says. He and Tim Kinsella should get together and they could give us all death by confusion.
    tastemakeron April 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'd say he's a huge cynic and misanthrope, which is one of the main reasons that some people like him so much. How often is genuine and heartfelt advice given out of pure altruism? How often is anything done out of altruism? I don't think bejar postures at all, for which I am grateful. His lyrics are terribly cryptic though, I agree.

    This song seems like its a conversation with someone who doesn't allow themself any satisfaction. It could be about someone who really buys into the protestant work ethic and works a grind sort of job-- he is telling them to strike, or quit, or do something different, because they're miserable. Or it could be less literal than that and just be about someone who doesn't allow themself to feel included or to have any fun. They're weighted down by some sort of self-imposed obligation. I can relate to this.
    upthera44on December 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI find this song so powerful, moving and freeing. I agree with upthera44 -- that it's about some sort of self imposed obligation that the singer is questioning.
    mytwohandson December 06, 2008   Link

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