Dear Jesus, I hope you get to read this
It's neat how you're never around when daddy beats us
It's early in the week, I gotta eat before the week ends
See, Mama bought a rock and sold our last box of Wheat Thins

I'm not trying to throw the fact that my dad's an addict as a bonus
I don't know him, I'm so poor I owe the homeless
And I hope you know I'm not joking
My only resort to being poor is to stop smoking

We both know that in order to do so
To be cool like Cujo
I need to be a man like Daniel Larruso

But I couldn't fill Emanual Lewis' boots, get it?
I'm only half the man that he is, and he's a midget!

but that's cool, I can deal with it
It ain't no sweat off my back, coz life's a garden and I dig it
For my meal ticket
But some niggas is real wicked
I feel sick every time Mama's name was mentioned

Coz they're tapping that ass for a bag of crack
And after that, she's handing it back in the glass dick
Passing it back and forth and asking for more
A force of habit that she has to support
She's passing out on the floor

And my stepbrother's a brother, get it?
I mean he's colored
No supper or lunch for a month, call Sally Struthers
Coz we're hungry as fuck with no money or luck
We tried rapping for scraps with a hat in front of us

But didn't get very far, everybody was laughing at us
Automatically assuming we're bad coz Mom's an addict
That's why I'm writing this song, because I've had it
(Well, I haven't really had it, they all think I'm a faggot)

I'm having visions of my daddy, I'm with him
He's in prison, Mama says we'll visit on Thanksgiving
He's in the pen coz he used to rape women
He's gonna hang himself with linen, he hates living

But in the end, you deserve what you get
No regrets or expectations till there aint nothing left
I hope you get this message and the letter is wet
Shedding tears coz I'm closer to death

But uh, my mom's libido's leaving scars on my ego
Feeling evil coz I gotta steal to get the C O
C A I N E. Oh, The irony!
Mama ain't got time to feed? She wouldn't lie to me

We'll take a dime a piece and hustle a 20
No guns or nothin, she's just fucking for money
You wanna hear something funny? You ain't heard it from me...
But I heard that it burns when she pees!

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