Now listen baby, there's no need to cry
I know I told you no more lies
I'm gonna hit you on my cellulus
And conversate you for a while
But those rumors you hear, the bullshit filling your ears
Is making trouble appear, you think I'm coming home sober
I'm calling you up, before a problem erupts
I thought I'd given it up, but drugs are winning me over

Relax, a quarter gram will make me relapse
But keep it a secret, keep it under your hat
And I mean this
Because me and my main squeen been having disagreements

No more pills and no more crack
Or baby doll's packing her bags and won't look back
I can't have that, but detox is a bummer
and I still got the cell number of my runner, I gotta wonder

Is it possible to keep my word
When the urge is unstoppable to snatch her purse?
Soon the situation goes from bad to worse
Pawning her rings and things for the crack du jour

I know I'm bad for her, but is it worth it?
She deserve a man that acts so worthless?
Well I need to be forgiven, so it's time to repent
But Armageddon's still a fiend when the weather permits

I know we kissed my sinful past goodbye
I know I told you no more lies
But sometimes I get this feeling that you see through me
I think I see it in your eyes
Coz I'm calling you up, just to borrow a buck
And I know that it sucks, you think that I'm coming over
And I'm wandering on, in places I don't belong
I'm hitting more than a bong, these drugs are winning me over

You wanna hear some crazy shit?
My brother bought a gram, and he's saving it
I know I said I quit, but I'm caving in
I know you want a hit, get your razor, bitch
And what would you give for a line to sniff?

Well I appreciate it, bitch, but I'm trying to quit
We got an album to make, I can't be buying this shit
I'd love to dip in, but I'm high enough on life as it is
From 223 to 203, she wonders how I lost 20 pounds in a week
I'm up at all hours when I should be asleep
And I'm nervous and I swear that I just heard the police

Behind the curtain and they're coming to get me
Armageddon don't let me forget how the method affects me
The next best thing to sex, when the method of ingestion is injection
Text message me next week

Now she left me and I'm all alone
To think about these dreams we had
I ought to call her on the telephone
Because I'm really fiending bad
Now I'm hitting the streets, just to cop me a piece
Did you forget about me? I'm looking over your shoulder
You can call me a creep, but when you fall asleep
You can't call the police
These drugs are winning me over

If you need to reach me, beep me baby
I been noticing the way that you've been treating me lately
You been acting suspicious and uh, apprehensive
Mixing fiction with fact, like I'm back to crack addiction

But the picture's getting sicker, my confession
Is that the lies are getting bigger when the liquor is present
You see, it happens every time, the moment I'm dreading
I'll take a ball point pen, make a stem in ten seconds

Who would ever except street cred to harm a legend?
Pardon mentioning Hendrix, but I'm far from where he's getting
Where he's going, where he's gone, where he's spreading his name
I was the first to learn a lesson, Armageddon's to blame

Ad yes, I spend the rent honey, but guess what?
I fronted out some blunts, I'll have the money to you next month
Test run drugs, but know I'm done with em
Had fun with em, under the gun coz I run with em

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