I don't wanna be the one
I don't wanna be the one
I don't wanna be the one, there go the cases, fight these cases
Go crazy
I don't wanna be the one
I don't wanna be the
I don't wanna be the
I ain't trynna be the
I don't wanna be the one, to go to cages
I don't wanna be the one, to fight these cases
I don't wanna be the one, to go crazy
But if I gotta be the one, then imma be the greatest
I can really do this shit, i don't need to be faded
They wanna be me, that's why they hatin
You been could've slid, nigga why you waitin
You gone die soon, nigga just be patient
Karma's really a bitch, but she's faster than the reaper
Before the reaper even get to me, karma started creeping
You can make all them threats but nigga i ain't leaving
Doin 120 in 60 like i ain't even thinkin
Used to this shit, shots bussin? i ain't blinkin
I want all of the beef fuck being vegan
I'm gods child, but i stay with my demons
I'm gods child, but i ain't talking to no preacher
I'm a fraud now? for cutting you for leeching?
I'm a dog now? yeah and i ain't even mean it
You need to calm down, cuz a nigga really grievin
They ain't dead though, they just dead to me and
I'm a scarecrow, you can tell by my demeanor
It's unfair though, i be steppin for no reason
Like a pterodactyl, fly in any season
Better close that backdoor, you know how it be man
I'm a asshole, my heart cold, i'm really freezing
And i'm wearing ice don't give a fuck if i'm anemic
So don't ask hoe, cuz i ain't even see shit
The coldest in the city? is wherever i'm standing
I'm up doing me, getting money they can't stand it
If it's up with yo whole team fuck it, i can manage
I ain't backing down from nun, especially not a challenge
And i ain't scared of no one, i don't care if you're a savage
I ain't tellin no one anything about what happened
My life is a movie everybody love acting
Is it graduation day? why is everybody cappin?
This is what we doin now? we snitchin oh we rattin?
This shit crazy, mainy, i be on my own shit
My pockets lookin tough? i think it's time to hit the road then
Call ray up, time to reup, on the dope shit
Israel hit yo bitch, way better than you both did
Damien keep it real, locked in on some bro shit
Alotta shit i can't cope with, these drugs help me cope shit
You ain't mean shit to me, so don't hit me with that bro shit
They ain't show sympathy, they thought i didn't notice
Well it looks like to me, you niggas on that bullshit
Niggas hating, they just wanna be me
You be in the house and i be in the streets
Niggas talk about me but all they do is leech
Niggas try to doubt me like fuck you even mean?
Put that laser to yo eye now you lookin at a beam
60 shots in this car, he said "where you wanna meet?"
I got sharks on this side and we took over the sea
I hear barks from y'all now? can you even speak?
There's a target on you now, we finna go on a shopping spree
I'm heading for the starts and nobody stopping me
Another nigga cross me, there's gonna be bodies on the street

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Cross Me Lyrics as written by Valentine Sugayan

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