"Anna Stesia" as written by and Prince Rogers Nelson....
Have you ever been so lonely
That you felt like you were the
Only one in this world?

Have you ever wanted to play
With someone so much you'd take
Any one boy or girl?

Anna Stesia come to me
Talk to me, ravish me
Liberate my mind
Tell me what you think of me
Praise me, craze me
Out this space and time

Between white and black, night and day
Black night seemed like the only way
So I danced

Music late, nothing great (Music late, nothing great)
No way to differentiate (No way to differentiate)
I took a chance

Gregory looks just like a ghost
And then a beautiful girl the most
Wets her lips to say

"We could live for a little while
If you could just learn to smile
You and I could fly away, fly away"

Anna Stesia come to me
Talk to me, ravish me
Liberate my mind
Tell me what you think of me
Praise me, craze me
Out this space and time

Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn to love
I mean the right way, I mean the only way
Perhaps you could show me, baby (show me, baby)

Anna Stesia come to me
Talk to me, ravish me
Liberate my mind

Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn to love
If I was just closer to somethin' (closer)
Closer to your higher self
I don't know
Closer to heaven (Maybe) closer to God (closer to God)

Save me Jesus, I've been a fool
How could I forget that you are the rule
You are my God, I am Your child
From now on, for you I shall be wild
I shall be quick I shall be strong
I'll tell Your story, no matter how long (no matter how, no matter)

We're just a play in Your master plan
Now, my Lord I understand

(I understand)

Love is God, God is love, girls and boys love God above

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"Anna Stesia" as written by Prince Rogers Nelson

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    General CommentSounds like he is talking about drug addiction and then kicking the habit.
    vadersongon August 18, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationYou know, I never thought of it that way (drug use as stated above)- but I can see that interpretation. I actually think he's talking from a lonely place in life- where he finds that he has God... but it's alot of depth to it that really tugs at your heart.
    mplssoundon June 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song has much more resonance now. "Anna Stesia" = anaesthesia.
    QuintessODon June 23, 2016   Link
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    General CommentWhile this could very well be about the alluring effects and desire for susbstance, I think it might be about an anima projection. Listening it feels almost like a chant to some sort of Goddess. A struggle that almost can't be helped until the songs redemptive ending. To sum it up, borderline whorsphip...This muse is a guilty pleasure and he's hoping that God will love him in a special way, liberate him from the guilt and torment he feels idolizing her. Anna Stesia is like a dream that's too good to be true, a catalyst for his deepest desire and liberation, a fiery distraction from the biblical proverbs he believes. The spiritual tone in it seems to want to test the black and white duality aspect of religion. love and lust, good vs evil...Ending with God is love may be a final thought that we are all taking part, flaws in all, tainted in our love... We are still a part of Gods master plan of higher love. Its like grace. He's trying to break the chains of bondage, wake from the deep sleep, the labyrinth of tunnel vision Anna has him caught up in.
    SpeakloWinQon March 15, 2017   Link

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