sun twinkling on the river this evening
i tasted chocolate on my tongue
darkness climbing up the ladders to the sky
rung by agonizing rung
i heard firecrackers popping next door
wondered what it is i bargained for
when i lay quiet on the floor and you were knocking

let me be your witness
let me walk out on the edge
the sun refused to shine on my backyard today
darkness climbing up the house
coming through the window ledge
i saw the firecrackers bursting on the sidewalk
i heard you talking your baby talk
i saw the bright lights again and
i felt the shock when you were knocking

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    General CommentJesus...this song is desperate and gorgeous. I am so in love with

    Let me be your witness
    Let me walk out on the edge

    As for the meaning...we switched from Julian to Gregorian calendars in 1582, but I know the Orthodox church still uses Julian. And...maybe this is a stretch, but the reason we didn't keep Julian as the civil calendar is that it required a good deal of refinement and days added and subtracted to keep it aligned with the tropical calendar. These days were typically decided by pontiffs, and when the Romans were caught up in civil wars they were sometimes forgotten, leading to drift and misalignment. I think this song typifies that drift. The lines "Darkness climbing up the ladders to the sky/Rung by agonizing rung" and "The sun refused to shine on my back yard today/Darkness climbing up the house" bring on the feeling of time being different from how it's supposed to be.

    Just...picture the surreality that comes when we switch times for daylight savings. Now stretch that feeling out so it encompasses the entire year being off-kilter, not being sure what day it really is, and then project that feeling on to your relationship.
    That's how I see this song.
    ABookOnAShelfon March 13, 2009   Link

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