Just one more round
and we’re out of this place
Wish us the best of luck
We’ll leave without a trace

There’s a saying:
Dead or alive
I heard them saying:
Dead or alive

And then I nearly slept on the wheel
But your love kept me awake
And then I nearly blew all away
But your love kept me sane

Roll the windows down
Get the smoke out of our clothes
The fog has gathered over the road
just like a ghost

And then I nearly slept on the wheel
But your love kept me awake
And then I nearly blew all away
But your love kept me sane

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    My InterpretationI interpret this as an amazing song of believe but I think It's easier to tell the interpretation backwards as it seems to make more sense like that:

    Sleeping on the wheel equals people living on automatic-pilot, not really living at all, just going about their daily lives, work, eat, sleep, repeat. "But your love kept me awake" means not going on automatic, really living through every moment and staying awake thus aware thanks to Love, "but your love kept me sane" stands for that the love (for Live itself) kept me on the right path, being pure enough not to take the easier ways out, like creeping back into a comfort-zone but facing everything thats needs to be faced. The sentences in between really speak for themselfs, if you sleep on the wheel you blow it all.

    "Roll the windows down, get the smoke out of our clothes"
    Open your mind(,body and soul ), let the air in and let the smoke out of our clothes, the smoke of the automatic-pilot's engine running on overtime, if you get what I'm saying ;)
    "The fog has gathered over the road, just like a ghost" this is the sentence which I'll leave open for your own interpretation since I can barely put it to words, I do think this sort of relates to a G-d-like ghost.

    "There's a saying, dead or alive. I heard them saying 'dead or alive'"
    Dead is when you're sleeping on the wheel and let live pass you by, Alive is when you hold on to Love and let it help you stay Pure and Awake, thus Sane.

    "Just one more round and we're out of this place, wish us the best of luck we'll leave without a trace"
    To me this sounds like the Rapture, and yes, I grew up going to christian churches but that's well over 15yrs ago, since I'm 22 I don't really think that affects me other than knowing the word, tho I do believe there are definite Truths written in the Bible (aswell as the Quran and Torah for that matter).

    I'm trying to find a way to enlightenment and to me it seems that everything I do can help me on my road to my goal. Anyone who can help me to the right perspective just pm me! =]
    IOUon August 02, 2009   Link

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