"Sunday Afternoon" as written by and Rachael Amanda Yamagata....
It's a choice
To stay
It's a dream
And I wanna wake

You have blood on your hands
And I'm feeling faint
And honey
You can't decide

I'm a drug
Ya don't wanna give up
Smoke your cigarettes
Make your love

You poured blood in my heart
And I can't get enough
I'm drowning, drowning
And you can't decide

It's not about geography, or happenstance
You need to fly, & take a chance
You don't need to soar to emptiness
Float on high, & forever dance alone

Your scared, scared, scared
Cause I feel like home

Hear your voice
Knew right away
If you were here
Your eyes would say

There is blood on my feet
As I'm walking away
Rivers are red
Its starting to rain

[Repeat: x3]
I'm not gonna live for you
Or die for you
Won't do anything anymore for you
Cause you leave me here on the other side
You leave me here on the other side

Not gonna shed one more tear for you
Shed one more tear for you
I'm not gonna shed one more tear for you

At least not til Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon

Leave or Stay
Leave or Stay

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"Sunday Afternoon" as written by Rachael Amanda Yamagata

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    General Commentthis song is about trying to let go of something that isn't good for you, no matter how much you may want it.

    "i'm not gonna live for you, or die for you, won't do anything, anymore for you, cause you leave me here on the other side, won't you leave me here on the other side"
    you do anything and everything for a person, but it's never enough for them. so you're done trying.
    kaywaslikeon October 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI kind of view this song from the point of view of a wife that has recently had her husband come back from war and is completely oblivious to her and his only though is war as his primal instincts have taken over and completly destroyed him as war so often does. If you get me?
    mabs33on June 14, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthis song tells me that I should never take my girlfriend for granted
    itsmeallanon September 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about someone having to let go of something that's bad for them. They know it's bad, but it's still a tough decision to make. This could be a lover, a drug, a habit, etc. Sunday afternoon could be the day the final decision is made? This song is unique because it's from the addiction's POV.

    "I'm a drug you don't wanna give up. Smoke your cigarettes and make your love"

    Gorgeous song, all in all, and I can relate to it completely.
    iheartedwardcullenon December 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIn her KCRW session of 3/10/05 she introduces the song by saying "this is a new one, about a guy, singing about another guy."

    I'm thinking that one is in the closet and one isn't and will not come out and the song is about that.
    underalocomotiveon February 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYou're scared
    cause I feel like home

    I broke up with my boyfriend and that line says it so perfectly. You hesitate to end something because it's so comfortable and you don't want to be alone and scared by yourself. To this day I still think of him whenever I get upset or lonely. It's hard to leave behind that bright spot you turn to
    kwiscon October 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI get chills when she sings, "you're scared, scared, scared.....because i feel like home."

    I originally saw her play this song on one of those vh1 live performances when it was just a demo. I gotta say that I really prefer that version to the one on the album. Don't get me wrong, both are great. There was something so raw and painful about that live one, though.
    somekindofprowesson December 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree with what everyone has written so far but it can also be seen as being a song about an affair, written from the point of view of "the other woman"

    "it's a choice to stay
    it's a dream and I wanna wake"

    he is staying with his woman and while she is his lover, shes had it, she needs to break away, wake up, from the delusion that he will leave his woman for her

    "you have blood on your hands
    and I'm feeling faint
    and honey, you can't decide"

    he has blood cause what he is doing is wrong, and she is feeling faint cause she knows this....he cant decide, or has perhaps sent her mixed signals about leaving his woman.

    "I'm a drug you don't wanna give up
    smoke your cigarettes, make your love
    you poured blood in my heart
    and I can't get enough
    I'm drowning, drowning
    and you can't decide"

    he wants to have his cake and eat it to...she fills his void so he doesnt want to let her go and as with many of these relationships, there is never enough attention or time for the lover so she feels like shes drowning

    "it's not about geography or happenstance
    you need to fly and take a chance
    you don't need to soar to emptiness
    or float on high and forever dance alone
    you're scared, scared, scared
    cause I feel like home"

    distance...it could be that he is not living with her and could be as close as being a neighbor (for example), or he really does live far far away..... she is telling him that is he leaves his woman, he wont be alone because his home is supposed to be with her

    "hear your voice, knew right away
    if you were here your eyes would say
    there is blood on my feet
    as I'm walking away
    rivers are red, it's starting to rain"

    she is coming to terms with, regardless of what he says or promises, he not going to leave his woman.... she would know if she was his choice.... she walks away and there seems to be a sense of guilt and rejection that really starts hitting hard once she begins to for once and for all, start walking away from him.

    "not gonna shed one more tear for you
    shed one more tear for you
    I'm not gonna shed one more tear for you
    at least not til sunday afternoon
    sunday afternoon
    leave or stay
    leave or stay"

    self explanatory

    i simply LOVE this song....Im probably really off on the interpretation but oh well...
    hereinmyhead4298on May 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI saw Rachael live a year ago and I remember, right before singing this song, she asked the audience if they've ever been in a bad relationship.... something about getting lost in it... defining yourself through the other person... I *think*... I can't remember clearly exactly (not because of alcohol... just I have a terrible memory)... BUT!! I DO remember her saying that she had a bad breakup and she was so distraught but she decided to only give herself one day a week to grieve over the ending of the relationship... and that day was Sunday...
    scootteddyon June 16, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I think about the "you leave me here on the other side..." it makes me think about one person in a relationship trying to progress the relationship, or move onto another stage in life or something, and the other person just... doesn't come along. I literally envision like land splitting apart and one person is on one side like, "Come on! Come with me! We can do this! you can do this!" Haha.. isn't that insane? ... Or maybe one person left for something... either way someone is obviously left. I'm just thinking of my situation where I am personally moving forward in life and bettering my life and I wish my SO would progress with me in our partnership but I sorta feel like I'm ready for something he is not... I'm on the other side. And he won't join me. So I guess I'm leaving him on the other side.

    It's too late. I need to go to sleep.
    scootteddyon June 16, 2013   Link

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