"E Eats Everything" as written by John Linnell and John Flansburgh....
A hardly has an appetite
And pokes at food too long
And B can barely bother
Because all the food is wrong
See likes only candy
And chocolate by the box
D is just disinterested
In anything you've got

But E eats everything
Yeah, E eats everything
E eats everything
Yeah, E eats everything

So toss in on a plastic plate
Or stick it with a fork
Serve it with a shovel
Or serve it on a spork

Yeah, E eats everything
Yeah, E eats everything

F is far too fussy
And only eats with fancy wine
G eats only gourmet
But never can decide
H burns food so horrible
All I tastes is smoke
J just likes drinking juice
And K drinks only soda

But E eats everything
Yeah, E eats everything

E is eating in a moving car
E is eating upside down
E is eating on a spaceship
E is eating off the ground

L and M and N and P
Won't start 'til O arrives
Q and are and S and T
Are wearing clothes much too tight
You and V and W
Are worn out from this song
And X and why just will not share
And will not get along

But E eats everything
Yeah, E eats everything

But look out now, here it comes
That final letter Z
Now Z's not like the other letters
Z's only eating E's
Yeah, Z eats E's
Yeah, Z eats E's
Z eats E's
Yeah, Z eats E's

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"E Eats Everything" as written by John Linnell John Flansburgh

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    General Commentthis is a sexy song.
    astroboton February 19, 2006   Link
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    awkwardmouseon April 20, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationE eating everything? Pshhh, no.
    It's about radioactive, cannibal letter Z's and avoiding copyright infringement.
    walkunafraidon June 20, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationIn this song 'E' obviously represents the upper class bourgeoisie, overeating and becoming fatter and fatter with each stanza of the song. They, unlike their start of the alphabet bretherin, do not become picky. They actively consume and consume with no moral nor physical boundaries stopping them, making them prehaps the most dangerous of this alphabet.
    Letters A-D represent the economical leaders of our countries. Our Donald Trumps and so on. They believe that only the best will do and become picky and arrogant, demanding the ends of the earth to get the "dinner" they desire. Dinner of course being a symbol for their lifestyle as a whole.
    The letter F and G represent those who aspire to be on the rungs A-D but cannot for whatever reason. Either being too picky and fussy to actually "eat" anything in F's case or having so many choices in which lifestyle to choose and being so open that they never actually eat anything anyway, as demonstrated by G.
    H represents the church, giving "burned" doctrines, biased and balanced to keep I, the religiously pious, in line and below them, if only slightly. We then enter the realm of those who do not wish to ascend this ladder. J and K represent those who believe that the life they live now is enough, but adamantly object to anybody else believing the same. They both, however, do not "eat", only drink the easily taken fluid of their choice but never bother to actually do any work to get their "nutrients".
    L, M, N, O and P represent those who are bogged down on these rungs and are relegated to the bottom due to their obsession with others. They believe in fair play and politeness and though this may make them pleasant, they lack the ruthlessness and selfishness required to hold a higher rank.
    Q, R, S and T are those who constrain themselves to lower ranks out of fear or loathing of the upper ranks, though they certainly lead a glorious enough lifestyle, they try to force themselves to stay further down with tight "clothes" a barrier between themselves and the world outside.
    U, V and W are those who analyse the system and assess it. Political analysts or satirists. They are so tired of the many fickle tricks and traps played by those with much higher ranks, they either stay at the bottom due to having a full knowledge of the pointlessness of the system itself or out of a humble sense of world weariness.
    X and Y are those who have the necessary skills but either have very little sense of direction or have very little sources available to them. In the Disney video you may notice that they are fighting viciously over an ice cream. They may well represent the drug cartels or criminals of our world. Scrapping over the meagre left overs of those higher up for very little gain overall.
    Z, finally, the end of this system. Z represents socialism and its qualities of justice and punishment against the dreaded bourgeoisie, reappearing over and over to show their omnipresence in our lives, whther through taxes or through the media. Z eats E and relegates it to being much less than the other members of this society. E becomes nothing and cowers in the face of Z.
    Macdooon December 08, 2012   Link

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