Holly wore a string around her finger.
She said it helps her to remember all the nights that we got over.
Besides, it ties her outfit all together.
Holly wore a string around her finger.
There are strings attached to every single lover but still they can't tether us together.
Listen to the back of the theater.
I think they really love one another.
There's strings attached to every little lover.
When they say great white sharks.
They mean the kind in big black cars.
When they say killer whales.
They mean they whaled on him until they killed him up in penetration park.

Holly wore a cross to ward them off.
She said if they think your a christian then they won't bring in the dogs.
And if they think your a catholic then they'll wanna meet your boss.
Holly wore a cross to ward them off.
There's camps down by the banks of the river.
And it's sketchy in the night but they mostly lay low in the light.
Hey sweet recovery. C'mon won't you wade into the water with me?
There are camps down by the banks of the river.

When they say black and tans.
They mean the kind from the cans.
We don't got time to mix it all together.
I'm a very busy man, man.
She says I kinda dig the awkward silences.
Because I grew up in denial and went to school in Massachusetts.
He said hi, I like to party on the problem blocks.
And I can't stand it when the banging stops.

I saw her at the party pit.
She was shaky but still trying to shake it.
Half naked and three quarters wasted.
She was completely alone.
I saw him at the riverbank.
He was breaking bread and giving thanks.
With crosses made of pipes and planks.
Leaned up against the nitrous tanks.
He said take a hit. hold your breath and I'll dunk your head.
Then when you wake up again.
You'll be high as hell and born again.

There's strings attached to every single lover.

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Banging Camp Lyrics as written by Tad Jason Kubler Craig Finn


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    General Commenti think the line is "he was breaking bread and giving danks"
    its an incredible line, fitting with the rest of the roman catholic story. I assume that breaking bread alludes to money (bread), and danks would be marijuana (specifically very good marijuana), so he's a dealer.
    Its funny because i live in minnesota, so a lot of this stuff i can relate to, especially the stuff about the river. He's talking about the mississippi river, which in st. paul and minnesota is just fucking trashed, and theres parties all along it every night. I definetely have lost a lot of nights down by the riverbanks, which makes me love this album so much more.
    allofmylove68on October 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI grew up in denial. Now I go to Boston University. Fuck yeah
    rossismadon April 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentallofmylove is right. It is "danks" and not "thanks," which I never realized it until s/he pointed it out. It's just further word play illustrating the crucial link of drugs as a possible route to (at least temporary) salvation and redemption.
    peoplecallmeroboon November 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song.

    This and Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night are my favorites from this album.

    I especially like the line about the Black and Tans just cuz where I come from Yuengling is popular and they make a Black and Tan product that's pretty good if yer fiendin' for a half and half and don't have the time or the materials to mix the beers.

    It's better and more fun to make yer own though cuz you can keep the layers from mixing and you can use Guinness!
    Bsquared445on December 06, 2008   Link
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    General Commentis "when they say great white sharks. they mean the kind in big black cars" a reference to the cocian trade?
    mechpope13on February 18, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningLoring Park (Penetration Park) has had a history of prostitution. "Great White Sharks" is what people who live near the park call the John's that come to the area looking for a good time. Often times it was wealthy married men coming in from the suburbs date, looking for a "date". It's been a long time since I've hung out in the area but at least during the early to mid 90's it was very common if you were a guy in your 20's walking down a street near Loring Park to be slowly tailed by some expensive car while they tried to figure out if you were for sale. These cars would circle around the park like sharks looking for their victim so people living in the neighborhood started referring to them as such.

    Killer Whales - Loring Park also sadly has been the scene of a number of hate crimes towards homosexuals including some beating deaths.
    Halaraon March 18, 2014   Link

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