Aspirat primo fortuna labori
Me duche tutus eris
Vox populi vox dei
Ad maiorem dei gloriam...
Ad infinitum

You know just who I am
Don't be so distant
Cause when you're lost
I am solely there to share your grief

Wailing for your sorrow
Is only my way to comfort you
Reminders of innocent youth
Waiting for morrow you're lonely
I name your solitude
I speaketh the truth

Now tell me all about your pain
Down to the detail
Don't say it's love
Your fragile heart feeds my contempt

Wailing for your sorrow
Is only my way to comfort you
Reminders of innocent youth
Waiting for morrow you're lonely
I name your solitude
I speaketh the truth

Chase the heathen call
We and I
Unison in all you deny

I am the thorn in your side
That seeks accomplishment
Reminding the mortal of death
I am the spore of your pride
An angel heavensent
The master of all
I am the urge of the flesh

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March Of Mephisto song meanings
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    General CommentMephisto is short for Mephistopheles (Greek for Lucifer) and in the play, he makes a pact with God and the Archangels that he can prove through one man that humas are foul and worthless. So Mephisto comes through the spirit of a black cat while Faust is using a Uigi board. It's a long story, just read the play alright?
    dhawkon December 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentActually Mephistopheles comes in the form of a black poodle... but your right it is a long story and I think kamelot only loosely based their album on the storyline. Helena in the play was named margaret but her nickname was gretchen.
    Go to this website to read the full storyline... quite interesting…
    sarge331on May 17, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think the it says this in english, Inciter first fortune laboriously Me duche safe will be Cry the people cry dei To ancestors dei fame. To unlimited
    Wolfeboy100on January 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDon't know who to credit for the translation.
    (Fortune smiles upon our first effort)
    (Under my leasdership you are safe)
    (Voice of the people, voice of a God)
    (To the greater glory of God)
    (To Infinity)
    wolf76on March 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou're a bit wrong.

    Helena died by throwing herself into a river (Helena's Theme). She did so cause he said he was leaving her yet again. But it was found after she was fished out to be with child. It follows into The Mourning After (Carry On) and then into III Ways to Epica.
    HazardPSon August 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI just think when they kinda messed up the names a bit, probably because it sounds better, but in Goethes Faust, the girl hi falls in love whit is called Gretchen, and the look alike (and the basic form of beauty) is called Helena. I gotta check these lyrics again, but i always thought she was burned, not dronwed herself, but i might be wrong.
    Darkraton March 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAfter going over Epica again I'm going to have to admit HazardPS got it right. The liner-notes are quite explicit that in Kamelot's version Helena drowns herself with their unborn child. This can also be heard in "Helena's Theme" as the river-spirit declares "Bless the unborn child tonight". This, ofcourse, ruins any point Goethe was trying to make in the original, but as said Kamelot's taing poetic license and the results are great. I think the original story fits the actual music better, so it's POSSIBLE they're paying homage to the original there. But since they wrote in the liner-notes that she drowned herself, that's the Kamelot story and the "sin" is either suicide, premarital sex or murder of unborn child, take your pick.
    In any case in Black Halo, Mephisto is goading Ariel along, being generally sarcastic and making light of his grief, moving on to Ariel's acceptance of Mephisto's direction in When the Lights Are Down with "Into the void as one, marching on". In the liner notes the band explains it mostly as "lyrically it describes the peak of Mephisto's influence on Ariel in the story".
    wolf76on October 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentdoes anybody know the translation for the latin in the beginning?
    davacaon December 10, 2005   Link
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    General Commentlol i mightb e wrong actually so who knows
    Wolfeboy100on January 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwell is all wrong :) anw the song rocks
    eXistenon February 26, 2006   Link

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