I was sitting' there,
I had a comfortable chair,
And that was all that I needed.
Then my friend offered me
A drink for us to share
And that was all that I needed.

Well then I felt at ease
But then I'm not too hard to please,
I guess you couldn't call me greedy.

Then I was shocked to look up
And see Rita Hayworth there
In a place so seedy.
She walked into the bar
With her long red curly hair
And that was all that I needed.

I said to my friend
Good God we're lucky men
Just to even see her.

Take, Take, Take.
Take, Take, Take.
Take, Take, Take.

I could not resist, I just had to get close to her,
And that was all that I needed.
I walked and loomed around her table for a while,
And that was all that I needed.

And I said “I hate to bug you ma'am,
But can I have your autograph”
And that was all that I needed.

She pressed her lips against a white piece of paper,
And that was all that I needed.
Then I saw what she wrote, my heart is in my mouth,
And that was all that I needed.

Then she handed it to me,
and I think that she could see,
That that was all that I needed

I started to walk away,
but then I remembered “Hey,
I forgot to get a picture.”
So I asked her one more time,
Could I have another favor,
That was all that I needed.

She was kind to pose with me,
Then I know my friends would see
My celebrity meeting.

Take, Take, Take.
Take, Take, Take.
Take, Take, Take.

So she said to me
“I need to go to sleep”
And it seems so mean.
It's almost as if she
Did not appreciate
How cool I was being.

She said “Goodnight” and walked away
And I didn't know what to say,
I just couldn't believe it!

Well, it's just not fair,
I just want to get a piece of hair,
And that was all that I needed.
Or maybe a kiss on the cheek,
I wouldn't wash it for a week,
That would be all that I needed.

Well, she didn't even care
That I was even there.
What a horrible feeling.

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    My InterpretationPretty much, its about a person who fools himself into thinking he is what he really isn't.
    He pretends as though he's so content, but he keeps asking for more, while trying to put up a cool demeanor to impress said celebrity. "Its almost as if she didn't appreciate how cool I was bein'"
    He ends up pretty much tormenting her until she leaves and then doesn't quite understand why.
    And still after how reasonable she was about the whole situation he wants more from her no matter how much she gave to this stranger. And yet he thinks, "I guess you couldnt call me greedy". Take, take, take.
    Enkyorion February 01, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about how ambition leads to disappointment, or at least how it can snowball. The constant repitition of "All that I needed" shows how he fools himself into believing he's satisfied with where he is, but in fact, he always wants more.

    On a more surface level, this song is about how annoying fans can be to celebrities, how celebrities can't enter a club or bar without someone recognizing them and asking for an autograph. The "Need to go to sleep" shows the weariness celebrities have for these kind of fans.
    Michelobon June 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentA *subtle* hint from Jack to back off
    yomejustaon July 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love the mixing on this song... especially when you're wearing headphones and you hear Jack's voice bouncing off your brain from different directions
    billvmc2000on August 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYeah I agree the song is about the pushy media and how they're always asking for more and more always making it seem like thats all they want and when the celeb finally says no the media always sees it as the celeb being unfair or stuck-up hence the line "Well, she didn't even care That I was even there.What a horrible feeling" after she says goodnight.
    Deifiedon September 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song shows the fans point of view as well as the artists
    -he understands how poeple feel when they meet someone that inspires them, they all just want a bit of him("take, take, take") because it means so much to them when they meet him/some other artist
    - coming from the artists point of view because he is trying to tell fans that he does appreciate them very much, but he cant give himself up for them, he is only human afterall-
    "so she said to me
    “I need to go to sleep”
    And it seems so mean.
    It's almost as if she
    Did not appreciate
    How cool I was being."

    ....well maybe anyways
    blackk_starron September 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentcompletely agree.
    Jack White, also being a celebrity himself of course had the same experieces. In fact, I believe that his point of view is from rita hayworth's side.
    It's not that he's greedy and dumb and always wants more. It's that he's showing what people do to him and how they push on him from an ironic point of view I guess. So yes, I'm pretty sure that this rita hayworth thing wasn't just out of the blue and not true...mabey he really did do that...who knows.
    but anhow his repitition of 'that was all that I needed'...shiws he always wants more basically.

    great song.....I'm absolutely in love with the white stripes...probably the best new band out there infulenced by the good ol original tunes of classic rock.
    its something we really needed nowadays.
    Jess-the Germanon September 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIs it just about fans or life in general? How we think we will be fullfilled by getting one thing, but the satisfaction never is fullfilled.
    obladion December 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think there's more to this than a comment on how Jack White feels to be famous. It reminds me of some of Randy Newman's work, where a song is a glimpse inside the head of a (not always very attractive) character. Check out 'In Germany before the war' as an example.

    'Take take take' is a peek into a stalker's mentality as they become more and more obsessed. I love the double meaning of 'And that was all that I needed' - to satisfy me, but also to get me going onto the next thing, and the next ...
    JamesCon December 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis is another great song off the cd. good cd. not as good as others but good.

    ledzepp22on December 19, 2005   Link

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