when father bought the farm we sold the farm
we stick his blood through rustic charms
sold his ghost as an antique to the city
kids today can't hold a spade rest in peace your weary trades
in this world there is no place such a pity
well a barman shakes his head and fills my glass says we're livin' in the past
why preserve a dying craft in its misery
we sigh and say another modern man one of property not land so hold out this battered hand while u listen

come sit down, we're lamenting about yesterdays sad ending, bout the water in me whiskey, the brass passed off as gold
another round we're descending into old time memory of a day when wood was wooden, silver - silver, gold was gold, sweet home was home

so you say you got a wood stove and your second home runs on gas but looks like oak, hell it even gives off smoke and glowing ambers, theres a quilbum on the wall reads home sweet home the loathsome wise words from the road and they call me throwback when i cry remember


son these tools are artefacts
endangered species left its tracks
lock me up behind plastic glass in the city
theres no going back for me
this santiques rustic eulogy shall be sold as folk artistries - such a pity
but ill never understand why they all only use those hands to build a stead that will always stand in old time country but settle for white herms and hollow doors paper ceilings, padded floors luxury boxes where your stored and what was country


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    General Commenthis last name is PeterSEN, i think.
    this is a great song, clearly about how silly faux-rustic home decor is, and how its analogous to the silly people who are comfortable in their faux-rustic homes. About how fake wood finishes are like watered down whiskey and hollow doors and corporatized folk-art are like 'brass passed off as gold'
    The real irony is the Google ads on the side of the screen>>>
    "Rustic Beds"
    "Rustic Bedding"
    "Rusitc Furniture"
    "Chinese Charms"
    its exactly what Erik is talking about. This really hits home for me because I do carpentry and have to install all kinds of silly faux-rustic shit. I also get to do some really nice REAL woodwork that almost makes up for it, but everytime I put vinyl siding on a house I cringe.
    CHOOSE BRONZEon February 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure Erik says...
    "Why preserve a dying craft?
    END it's misery.
    we sigh and SEE another modern man,
    one of property not land,
    so I hold out this battered hand, will ya listen?
    "Come sit down we're lamenting
    about yesterday's sad ending..."

    So the story goes...
    Erik is in a bar telling the barman his troubles and concerns the majority of America can't handle the rustic life, and the barman gets a little cynical and says, "who cares? No one does this job anymore, just end it." and Erik is a little depressed when a rich tycoon guy walks in and Erik invites him up to his chair then serenades him with his fathers story.
    jageon April 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics are wrong.

    Just thought I'd point that out. This song has a much different feel when the 2nd verse is correct.

    So you say you've got a wood stove in your second home
    Runs on gas but looks like oak
    Hell, it even gives off smoke and glowing embers
    There’s a quilt hung on the wall reads ‘Home Sweet Home’
    Below some wise word from Thoreau
    And they call me ‘throwback’ when I cry “Remember!”
    Tirithon April 11, 2009   Link

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