The sun disappeared that bitter night
Where all I felt was the fear that my assassin lurked in each shadow
The night that my heart was so loose that a slight breeze almost tore it free
I collected all of my hopes and dreams and kissed them away
Sealed with a whisper of “save me”
And I tacked my heart on the side
I erased the stars from the sky to help forget the dreams
Because dreams are only dreams
Smiles were peeled from my lips and buried with my mind
But then I realized that I had nothing
And to gain anything I needed to look for it
I searched, even when I was so tired that I had to crawl on my hands and knees
For the heart I sent away
Hope found its way back into my blood
So many without what I was searching for
So many twisted replicates of what I truly wanted
I wanted the real thing
I was mistaken again and again
And repetition of pain had such a strong grasp on my hand
And I screamed
Hope seeped out through my tears
And there as I lay
Almost dead from the mistake of trusting the wicked
I was empty handed and torn apart
All I could do was curl up in a humble solitude and let my life pass by
Then, for the first time
I felt the touch of an angel
Not another masked devil
I looked up, and found myself eye to eye with you
In those eyes and in that smile
I saw everything I lost before
Your hands had picked up my heart
It is all in your hands
The sun rose for the first time in years that day
And my stomach swarmed with flutterbies
The perfect complexion of beauty is you
And I can’t resist the way your words seems to gently kiss my lips
Returning those smiles once ripped away
I would let go of everything
Cut my life away from anyone just to be with you forever
I know that you have a part of me
That I’ve never given anybody
And that I want no one else to have
You hold the greatest gift, my life and my heart
Willingly caressed in your palm
And I tie myself with a rope made from unbreakable threads of love
To you
So if you ever run away and I’m left looking for you
I can just follow my heart to find you
My heart, laid down for you
Please keep me forever
O’ how I long to hold you
Don’t let me go
I love you

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