Where have been? You didn't send me your mail
I was falling in love living under your spell
Where was the scene? They come and they go.

Well you (I) know I (you) know we all need to grow
Two lovers (people) can’t always feel the same
opposite attract will just drive us inflame
yeah I (you) know, you (I) know we all need to go (everything must go)
yeah they know we know it's not the end of (the show)

Well, do you still remember?
It was at the end of December
While we were holding kind a celebrating like as,
like as if we own the time.

What have you done?
While we were still having fun
I was sleepin' daylight tripin' under one sun
Where is your friend when there was no choice in your hand?

(Repeat Bridge)

Do you still remember?
Melody was murder and dismembered
while we were dancing to the some celebrating like as
Like as if we own the time (3x)

We all need to go now
We all need to grow,
We all need to go

Do you still remember?
Harmony was murder and dismembered
While we were singin' day and night
Re-recording like as
Like as if we own the time
Do you still remember it was at the end of December?
we were holding kind a celebrating like as,
Like as if we own the time
Do you? Do you? Do you? Still remember?
Like as if we own the time (3x).
It’s not the end…

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    General CommentOne of my very favourite songs from OAG. I'm not terribly good at line-by-line analysis but from what I've gathered, this is basically a song of redemption, perhaps with a hint of nostalgia as well. Radhi was at what some would have perceived at the time as the peak of his career, the peak of his life as some would argue further but a significant point nonetheless. After the millenium show at Stadium Negara on the 31st of December, 1999, it was the last show by the original line-up or at least most of the original line-up. Radhi decided to dissolve OAG that night and told every body around and the band to F**k off and get a new trend. The band officially splitted at the end of the 20thcentury, tired of being controlled by the drugs and a music industry that seemed ruthless, uncompromising and apathetic. Above that, he was especially tired of himself and his own band who loved to take advantage of everything at that time because everybody was in the midst of delirium...

    In short, it was the end of an era but not the end of OAG altogether. As evident in recent times, a revival had been in the works with a new lineup, culminating with the release of the Satellit Ink. album in 2004 and just recently another album, "NeverMindaGoblocks..." has been released as well.

    Still, although Sweet FA did not mark the end of OAG altogether (much to the relief of fans), there was no doubt that it marked a significant turning point in the history of Radhi and the OAG legacy. Nevertheless, the music continues...

    Note: Many thanks to oag.com.my for providing with the fascinating info on a great song. The excerpt on Sweet FA and the events of OAG in 1999 were sourced from Radhi's official biography, "The Unfinished Junky Business".
    bigfatguton August 15, 2005   Link

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