An establishment as white as newborn virgin teeth
A building in the field that broke still has its' rouge roof
Your lists of lust-haves are studded with one night standoffs
With guns a' blazing, bullets raining, pouring lead into the troughs

Killing the masked mens' thoroughbreds
Their horses were their designated rides home
They wore their make-up good and tough
Leadfall lacing their tights in the night

They return to trailer theatre stages
And play the draining game with their desperate wives
Come lets set out before the sunlight catches us in its' sights.
We don't follow suit after what they do unless they fall.

The bandits run this transit.
I jumped this train to find an exit.
The red is overhead.
I rolled into this town in a fire blanket.

You're intoxicated one more time, I'll thrill you.
You burn my life in the scarborough times.
Come on ungrateful, kiss my collar.
I'll order in tonight. What's on our menu?

After the feast where do you want to go?
(That's for me to know)
I'll drive us to the hill if you'll fasten your seatbelt.
(And for you to die of.)

Can you smell anything different since you looked out the window?
The smell of the permanent adhesive I poured into the buckle.
You turned back around to me and pulled the belt.
I heard the click and success was felt.

You're not coming undone.
You're in mine for the long run.
I'll let you line my lips with the stick.
I'll slap your face and smear my kiss like soap across your lips.

You'll scream and try to get out of the mobile.
I'll climb out of the side and lock the wheel.
I'll climb behind and press quite firm.
The wheels lurch slow and the steering turns.

The sunset's seen through the glass panes in the car.
It's rising high into the sky and I'll look through as far. (As I can) Until you leave for the bottom of your drop,
Until the sun creeps up over the metal top.

I'll remember that it burns you when you let it.
I'll remember that you'd have singed me if I let you.

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