"Raise the dust" as written by Christopher Marc Butcherine, Andrew Jay J Atkins, Benjamin Whitney Windsor, Matthew Peter Gore and Mark Edward Warner....
looking back has a different feeling
this time it's a lot more meaning
i'll pick a photo in my head
and disreagard what you've said
i'm not about to make a parting note
im not asking for your vote
all i ask is just a minute of your time
to buy a ticket for a one way ride

but all i can do is save myself from you
but all i can say is take one step away

dry eyes can't explain whats going on
i've disguided
all the memories holding on
always feel this
can't heal this
break these restraints

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    General Commentby far my favourite song by atf! whenever i have the shits wif my girlfriend this is usually the first song on my mind. it sounds like he has a girl but shes gone weird?..

    "looking back has a different feeling" when he looks back, it doesnt seem the same.

    "this time theres alot more meaning" this has happened more than once, but this time hes serious

    "i'll pick a photo in my head, and disregard what you said" he ignores her attitude and pictures something better... maybe a good memory of her.

    "im not about to make a parting note" hes not saying he wants to break up, hes just trying to make things better.

    "im not asking for your vote" he doesnt expect her to fully agree with him and suck up his arse?

    "all i ask is just a minute of your time to buy a ticket for a 1 way ride" all he wants is for her to be rational and listen to him so they can be together forever.

    The chorus sounds like hes trying to convince himself to let go but he cant!

    "dry eyes cant explain whats going on" this is a big deal worth their tears.

    "ive disguised all the memories holding on" holding onto her through the recent shitty times has made them forget the good times they had, now its all the recent shit stuff.

    "always feel this, cant heal this" she meant alot to him, and he will always be scarred with what happened.

    "break these restraints" hes sick of her holding him down for nothing... theyv'e broken up?
    luke_gon February 15, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyou're so right luke_g!

    I don't know if "break the restraints" means they've borken up, I think it's more they've hit a bump in their relationship that they can never get past, it will always be there, whether in the foregorund or background.

    All I know is it's a great road song, where you're just cruising up the highway, and forgeting all the sh*t thats going on back home. I love it.
    joAKAmegalomaniacon May 27, 2007   Link

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