On some nights you'll find me falling.
I am formless, I am shapeless.
And on some nights i am better left alone.
You take it all in from some severed state of stasis.
You scream "wake up!" inside your own body
But you're buried, or suffocating, or worse.
Tonight it's worse. Tonight the screaming hurts.

Tonight I'm wrapped up in her.
We find each other under blankets as warm as summer.
We are inseparable.
Our bodies know what they're for and we give in,
We explore each other, desperate for something inseparable.

This coma kiss is infinite, and I may take your tongue if you stay.
We are this dream - fluid and intricate. We made it that way.
Every nightmare needs influence, and your body turning blue as you lay directly next to me colours this on in blueish hues and darker grays.

Everyday when I awake, I'm shaking or worse.
Tonight it's worse. Tonight the screaming hurts...

Tonight I'm wrapped up in her.
We find each other under blankets as warm as summer.
We are inseparable.
Our bodies know what they're for and we give in,
We explore each other, desperate for something inseparable.

Last night as I was wrapped up in her
I drowned her body under blankets as warm as summer.
We were inseparable.
So this is what has become of everything that I loved.
The betrayal and the blood became inseparable
From the most beautiful nightmare I've ever had.
Completely inseparable.

I see her hair spread across the floor
Entangled in the telephone cord.
Our favourite songs been repeating all night.
Someone call an ambulance because somethings not right.

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Dreaming Lyrics as written by Emma Coleman Henry E. Davis

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    General Comment"this coma kiss is infinite. and i may take your tongue if you stay. we are this dream - fluid and intricate. we made it that way."

    "the betrayal in the blood became inseparable from the most beautiful nightmare ive ever had. completely inseparable.."
    if im walkingon August 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentlyrics so wrong, where to begin, i wont, anyway, this is the record this entire genre has been leading up to, boys ight out has set the benchmark for a genre they are trying to escape. they manage to keep thier root, with lines like "someone call an ambulance cuz somthings not right," and "these nightmare lines," while also moving in a positive direction toward more of a pink floyd type of stoner rock sound, although they managed to write some of thier hardest material sinfce bb&bk, as a long time BNO fan going all the way back to the you are my canvas EP , i can safley say that this is head and shoulders above anything they have done before, album of the year
    hesh_wants_sexon August 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is a concept album, so basically the meaning of every song on here can somewhat be found on the first track which has a prologue by "The Doctor"...

    This song has two main parts...and each part uses the chorus to signify the change...

    The first time the chorus comes around, it's in present tense..."Tonight I'm wrapped up in her..."

    The second time it's "Last night as I was wrapped up in her..."

    This has a hidden denial issue that is confirmed in the next track...he wakes up and finds her dead and relives that night...then he realizes what he has done and he can't believe it at all...

    The beginning of a train wreck, as it were...
    inuerto_astrumon August 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is a concept album. Which means that the entire album tells a story. Each song is a different installment in the story of the nameless patient. Somtimes the perspective is switched from the patient to the doctor to the deceased wife. My interpretation of the story goes as follows.

    Introducing - The doctor is talking about how he has released the patient from the hospital again, indicating it's not the first time he's been released. The patient was hospitalized because he suffered from violent horrible nightmares and killed his wife whom he loved very much in his sleep. The patient is catatonic, which is just a state of non-responsivness, almost.

    Dreaming - This song is about the night that the Patient kills his wife. He suffocates her while having a nightmare.

    Waking - The Patient wakes up to realise what he's done. He calls the police and turns himself in and he is waiting for the ambulance. He can't believe what he's done, he wants to take it back. He covers the house with her perfume.

    Sentencing - The judge and the doctors decide whether to charge him with murder and send him to jail or decalre him mentaly instable and send him to the hospital. The doctor thinks he shoudl be hospitalized.

    Medicating - The Patient is in the hospital and tries to convince the doctor to release him. He wants to go back to his life and he thinks that the hospital is just making him worse. The doctor agrees and releases him from the hospital.

    Purging - The Patient hsa been released and is returning into society. Everyone is shocked at his quick return into society/work considering what he did. The guilt becomes overpowering inside of him and he cuts off his hands so he won't ever kill again.

    Relapsing - The Patient is back in the hospital after cutting off his hands and he begins to hear his wife's voice in his head. He begins trying to fill his emptiness by writing a song inside his head.

    Recovering - The Patient is on medication since he is catatonic and he is also obviously on painkillers due to his lack of hands. He begins taking more pills than necessary and all he can hear is the song inside of his head. He takes more and more pills to keep the song playing.

    Composing - The Patient convinces the doctor he's getting better and requests to see his friends and family because he thinks it'll help him recover. He has everyone over for dinner and poisons them all, killing them. He is "composing" his song by killing people and he thinks that he can see his wife. The song in his head keeps her alive in his mind.

    Disintegrating - The Patient is completely isolated with the song inside his head. He is abusing alcohol and drugs and in a state between the living and dead. He's thinking of everyone he's killed and needs a finale to his song.

    Healing - The Patient has called the doctor and he feels the song in his head coming to an end. By this time he's barely even alive and he has made a choice to get better, that's why he called the doctor. He is waiting for the doctor to arrive and take him to the hospital. The song in his head is what is keeping him alive.

    Dying - The Doctor finally arrives for the Patient and finds him close to death lying in his apartment. He can smell the odour of the bodies that are most likely still in the apartment and he can smell a woman's perfume, the Patient's wife's perfume. The Patient knows he is dying and he knows what he did. He is finally responding and I think he is happy he is dying cause he will be with his wife. He is looking back at everythign that happened and he is just giving up on the song and on living.

    Of course this is all just my interpretation who knows if I'm even close. Hahah oh well let me know what you think.
    wishfulthinking167on December 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti could be totaly wrong on this but im pretty sure this song basicly means.

    -the pateint and his wife are making love and after he falls asleep he starts to have the reacurring nightmare.
    -his nightmares are worse than they have ever been.
    -he suffocates his wife. (he does not know this because he is sleeping while it is going on)
    -after she is dead he wakes up from his dream and sees his wife dead on the floor.
    -he does not realize what happens until the end.

    Please let me know if i missed anything

    yasotgnihtoon January 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI saw there guys live with the receiving end of sirens they were so good. I had goose bumps at the end of the show!! Fucking awesome song though!
    alana_zimon June 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIn the chorus, its "and we GIVE IN, we explore"

    and I love this song, all of the bno songs on trainwreck have so much emotion in them.
    greencoloredpencilon August 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThese lyrics are so unbelievably jacked. But it's still amazingly good. Almost all of the lyrics for Trainwreck posted on this site are completely wrong. Maybe when I have some more time I'll fix some of them.
    Either way, wonderful song and album.
    love4scream0on November 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI didn't take any time to read your comments :P. I don't know if anyone caught this, from the first two songs i heard i linked yeah know i know to dreaming.

    "Someone call an ambulance cause somethings not right"
    trainwr3ckon December 15, 2007   Link

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