I laid the night before me
Unraveled the tangles of my heart
All I felt was stale hallow air
These streams of uncertainty
They are collapsing upon my mind
Torrents fill my veins until I burst
With mistaken guilt and shame
My battered bones
Try to keep fighting
Against the endless ocean of self defeat
As time goes on
Some months are yet to pass
Puddles of ink
Surround this tired chair
All of my own sorrow has been spilled
Into my reflection

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Reflection Lyrics as written by Jordan Mancino Clint Norris

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    General CommentThe Whole Album of Shadows are Security has a central theme of a placing too much emphasis on things that don't really matter, or things that will pass away. So this song seems to fit in as he's reflecting (see what i did there...the song's called reflection....it's clever, trust me) on a time in which he was really stressed out or depressed ("with mistaken guilt and shame"..... "
    against this endless ocean of self defeat") over something that he now realizes wasn't important.

    some months are yet to pass
    puddles of ink
    surround this tired chair
    all of my sorrow has been spilled
    into my reflection

    I think this is showing that time has passed, and that through writing this song (ink puddles) he's managed to get through it.
    cheddarhead4on February 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI wrote a literary analysis on some of Tim's work. I got the most out of this song, and these are by far the best lyrics he's ever written as far as I'm concerned. It's so vivid and so descriptive. anyway this is what I wrote about it. And I refer to it as a poem cuz I wasn't sure if my professor would take lyrics.... but Tim's lyrics do pass as modern poetry. I think he was a philosophy major, but it wouldn't surprise me if he took some serious creative writing classes. You can really tell his lryics taking a step up in Frail Words Collapse, and again in Shadows are Security. anyway... here's what i wrote:

    I really like this poem. I think it narrates how Lambesis worked on a particular piece–one that held an extremely heavy emotional meaning for him. He used whatever work this poem describes as a way to vent that burden.

    The first two lines are great images. “I laid the night before/unraveled the tangles of my heart”. This is great use of concrete image to convey not only his emotional state, but also what he was trying to accomplish in his work.

    Similar to the “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams, where the paint on the wheelbarrow keeps getting richer and richer, if youlook at the water analogies, they start off as mild, then become more and more extreme. First he mentions a stream of uncertainty, becoming more extreme and harsh until the streams become torrents of guilt and shame. They finally culminate as “an endless ocean of self defeat,” as if the stream, torrents, and oceans are an allusion to the emotions–the swelling of them as he writes–that he’s experiencing. Self defeat is the culmination of all his grief, and he feels lost in an ocean of it, helplessly. It’s as if the streams and torrents are what carried him into his a state if agony and fed his creativity.

    After the lines: “as time goes on/some months are yet to pass,” the metaphor changes. Instead of sorting the emotions and writing, he is >>>reflecting<<< on what he has written.

    “Puddles of ink/surround this tired chair” is a great image. It says so much, and it is so vivid. “Puddles of ink” represents what he has written down while reflecting. His sorrow “has been spilled into (his) reflection”. The title of the poem is “Reflection,” so that line could mean his sorrow was spilled into this particular poem, which he possibly considers as a sort of emotional reflection of himself. It could also mean that this poem is a reflection of how he felt while writing.
    shittySNon October 28, 2009   Link
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    General Commentok ill be the first to comment on this. this is a pretty good song, but the lyrics were almost impossible for me to figure out. this is the hardest song by aild trying to figure out the words.
    WhiteNighton January 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI read on the the AILD website that Tim use to go university and studied english. So I'm only gonna gues by the line:
    "puddles of ink
    surround this tired chair"

    That this is a song about his experience of studying and how stressful it was.

    "my battered bones
    try to keep fighting
    against this endless ocean of self defeat"

    Probably about him trying to finish an assignment even though he's dead tired and drained of thought.
    That's just what I think.
    Boneymanon June 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe last two lines remind me deeply of the story of Dorian Gray.
    Desperon October 30, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationWow, can't believe no one figured this out. The key point is " ink spilled around this tired chair." He's obviously all tat'd up. "As time goes by, some months are yet too pass." He's saying he was more work to be done. The endless ocean of self defeat is life. All of his sorrow has been spilled into his reflection (his body). His body reflects all the sorrows and struggles from life.
    pikkkilon May 22, 2009   Link

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