Get up in the mornin'
You know, I dig this mornin'
The sun is shinin' bright
I'm gonna get outside
Gonna wash my face
Grab my hat
Put it on my head
I take a walk downtown
Yeah... Because I feel so-oh good
I think I'm gonna take a walk downtown
Hey! Sunrise!

Somethin' I never seen before
Been walkin' down the street every day
Nobody like you ever passed my way
Maybe it must be too much sun
Couldn't be my hat, must be too much...

Wait a minute! Is that you?
What's that?...What, what's that?...
What, what's that?...What?...

Dummy Up

What is that?...
I know what that is, I know what that is...
I bet you that's a restaurant menu...
Let me see!...Let me see!

Not only do you get the Desenex burger


Not only...the Desenex burger
Well you are in for a real treat, Jim

Wait a minute...I think I like that dance better than...
What are you talkin' about, creep?

What I'm talkin' about is you've been in this killer fog down here too long


You need somethin' to get up and go to school with

Wait a minute, you're not talkin' to an old fool now,
You know I wasn't born yesterday!
Heh heh heh!
Wait a minute...
I like that little dance you were doin' there...

(Jeff Simmons tries to corrupt Napoleon Murphy Brock by showing him a lewd dance and suggesting that he'd smoke a high-school diploma...)
Hey! Wait a minute!

Hey this, this stuff...

I never seen one of these before...that's not a menu...

This stuff is expensive

What is that?

You shoot it, you'll conserve all winter.

I do what?

It lasts longer

(Not only do you get the Desenex burger)

Now come on, try it.

No, no.

It's really good.

No. Smoke THAT?!

Have I ever lied to you?
Have I ever seen you before?

I don't, I don't even know you!


I don't even know what that is!
And you're drivin' me to smoke it?!...

Just before, we smoked the tapes that you made.

Smoked the tapes?

Smoked the tapes of your group.

I think I'm with the damned.
You can really get off.

Let's try a joint of this.

A what?

A joint.

You mean this kinda joint?

No man!
Where you been in livin'?...Reseda?

No, San Jose.
(The evil dope pusher is cutting up a white gym sock, Formerly owned by Carl Zappa and still damp. The shredded sock will be placed inside of a high-school diploma And ignited with a sulphur-preparation... His first taste of big city life!...)

That's okay, wait...

Hey! The roach of this is really gonna be good, so I'll...

Have mercy!

What do you do with that thing?
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!

What do you do with that thing?
I wanna know!
Wait a minute!

(Now the next step of this operation: The evil corrupter of youth is going to take him from Step One, Which is a mere high-school diploma stuffed with a gym sock, To Step Two, Which is a college-degree stuffed with absolutely nothing at all. Smoke that and it'll really get you out there!...)

I still don't feel as good as I felt this mornin'...yeah yeah...

(You'll grow out of it...)

I heard it again, somebody said...

You see this?

Wait a minute!...

That's college-rhythm.

You mean if I smoke that, it's the same as this,
As if I was at college?
Roll it on up!
Roll it on up!
Roll it on up!
Give me that!...

No no, the college degree is stuffed with absolutely nothing at all.
You get, you get nothing with your college-degree...

But that's what I want!
I forgot, I'm sorry...

Well, if you get nothin', well that's what I want.

(A true Zen saying: Nothing is what I want. The results of a higher education...)

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    General CommentGreat music
    STUPID lyrics.

    Frank: sometimes musical genius, sometimes grumpy m*therf*cker.

    Seems FZ is being a p*ssy here since his high school experience was so lame - in turn he's going to write off ALL FORMS of education & higher education. Frank's satire can be so incredible, other times he shows what a douche he can be.

    In this song FZ should take his advice and "shut up & play yer guitar"
    mageestouton April 06, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI don't like the lyrics in this song, it's important to get a good education so it can equip you to get a decent job and even be as intelligent as FZ! His mocking tone on this song annoys me.

    The real truth nowadays is that it seems every young person is going to college to get that degree in one thing or another and sadly there is not enough opportunity in the workplace to utilize their knowledge and to give them that start and they are often likely or not, end up having to work in a role that is below their skill set, I know I've been there.

    I have met so many people over the years who have a degree/Masters degree but are working in hotels, cleaners, supermarkets and as receptionists because there's no proper opportunities out there for them and they have to make ends meet.
    BarnabyHugheson November 05, 2015   Link

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