Sentence me a life of honest promises, like how we always hang out when the sun goes down.
(Doesn’t matter if the weather isn’t what you want)
Way up high on Brittany’s hill, we’ll watch the stars and chat with the morning frost, by a fire.
(Who would’ve thought you could map out a life with nighttime skies?)
We are the perfect generation that brings, with time, a realization that we are invincible.
(Go ahead – pull the trigger and we still won’t fall)
We can walk on water and play all day – cry our hearts and all the while lay there, under the moon.
(Can you understand that?)
We can fight ‘til we have broken treaties of friendships made, and all we need is a single on a CD to make up.
We’re the first to utilize our talents, fix the world’s laughing romances that make us all die a little more inside.
So let’s try our best to keep it real, laugh at our angry past-times and feel grateful for being the best people that we are.
We’re the best of friends and worst of enemies – that’s a love that never dies alone.
So let’s proclaim our stories as the world changes, but we… we never will.

We’re on our own now. We’ve got the cues, but we weren’t ready for this surprise
The stage is set for our next scene – push the sliders up and let our music play.
Growing up hurts when you’re stuck in the crawl space – we’re not ready, so why are we all jumping the gun?
I’d give it all for one more screaming Green Day song on I-5

We’re all trapped behind a line, in front of people eager to find the answers to their wildest dreams, their lonely nightmares and mid-life catastrophes.
Let’s keep this genre of life alive ‘cause the others sound too much alike.
Take your best shot at getting me to move on.

This one’s for the days when we all sat around and smiled for nothing.
This one’s for the hours spent learning to laugh at times gone wrong.
Sing along ‘cause we all know this story, the verses, the strung-out chorus.
This one’s for the time when we were all so innocent.

We’ll give it our best though – we’ll fight the trends that persuade us to side and conform.
I’ll never be what the rents said would get the girls, the dough, and the good times.
Our dreams must live on forever, cascading over the idle blankets veiling our past.
Let’s let ‘em live – those memories – remember kidnapping Josh and we all laughed?

No matter how hard we try to fight the line, we’ll never hold our own. These days are getting harder.
But, we’ll bleed to guarantee that we won’t have to have our own mid-life catastrophes.
This is our best shot at moving on.

This one’s for the day when we all cross the threshold – be bold and strong.
This one’s for the hours we have spent in trying to prove the present wrong.
Sing out loud ‘cause we all know this bass-line, refrain, and awesome intro.
This one’s for the time when we remember our innocence.

There’s nothing I can do to get it back now
I played my part, so I guess I’ll take my bow now
I’d give my life, I swear I would die to feel just once last glimpse again
Of waking up to another day of knowing I was innocent.

Lyrics submitted by rmorriso

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