Is life really that bad? (As you make it seem)
To kill yourself and end nothing at all
Suicide leads to the real pain of hell
Where you will live a life without joy, nothing but sorrow
An endless torture in the hands of the devil
The start of everything that is pain, a pain that no one can ever explain
A never satisfied heart
To not know God is to know nothing at all
Use your life wisely
Don’t throw it all away
You only have once chance at heaven or hell
Loved or hated
A rose or a thorn
You can choose your God,
But there’s only one that (is) really (there) cares
Who is always by your side, hoping for the better and bringing you there
Ignore it if you choose
Your judgment will come
What will you do then? In the face of God and no history with him
Jesus (God) who you forgot and is the only one who has loved you for so long
This life is just a temporary assignment
Live it for Jesus, the living hope
He dwells in us all
He loves you; do you see any reason not to love him back?
He is capable of no wrong
Look inside yourself and make a decision
Eternal happiness is waiting, all you need is him.

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Loved or hated, a rose or a thorn, which one hurts more? song meanings
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