Your lies bleed out on my mind
Your lost ambitions surround me like a pack of hungry wolves
I never had a chance
They growl, “Kill the one who is weak! Drop him to his knees! Make him plead!”
Swimming in your mind you’ll drown me this time
Leave me there and save yourself even in the face of death you are my number one priority
The oxygen is way up top and I’m so far down I can’t even see the light at the surface
Your words spread like a deadly virus when the glass is shattered form a splintered heart that tells the story of a man that once was and who will never be in her heart.
Your words of hate crash down on me with the weight of a thousand angry bulls
My crushed body washes up in your abyss
Stab my lungs, scream my name, I wish you weren’t here
I’ll flush you down with all the crap you give me.
Erase these visions, they disappear with the slice of a knife, forget it, their burnt into my mind.
I never want to see you again.
I follow all these dirty streets you make from the misleading path you create.
Peel off my skin in every place that you’ve touched I cant clean the dirt you’ve left on me.
You shoved me in a hole too deep to climb out of so I wont even try, ill let myself be buried alive.
Poison on your lips, evil in your heart
And with this song I am done shooting my heart with doses of you
I’ve bled my dreams away
Goodbye to my weakness
Goodbye to my disease
Goodbye to my infection
Goodbye to the poison
Goodbye my love
This is the end of me
And I’m taking you down with me

Lyrics submitted by thursdayatreyu

Workday is over, this is the hardest job, I’m going home and dying on the couch song meanings
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