I'm inconsiderate you say? Well consider this...no one will ever love you as much as I do and if you walk out that door right now as you are planning on doing then you will be leaving behind the greatest love that has ever known your name and I will lose the greatest thing that has ever happened to me...you. You don’t even care now...I can tell...but you will. The force of you slamming the door after our last words for what now seems like the last time, knocks all hope from me and fear seeps in. That door has been opened and closed for the last time for I am never leaving this place I now call hell since your heart kicked me out. How long will it take or is there no time to take...is any chance I ever had gone? Or was there never a chance at all...for now it’s too late to go back and rediscover better things in life…all that’s left is loss. To me that is all I believe...all I know is fear that pretty soon it will be too late and you'll never return...leaving me here…distant and alone until I fall to the ground and die. Or am I all ready dead, this hallowed out room is so dark and discreet that it is how I’ve always imagined my grave...and its been so long since I left this place that no one even knows I exist. I don’t even know who I am anymore, just a whited out name on some forgotten list. The lack of love...the lack of you…is overwhelming. I fall from my chair...and as I go to clench my chest where my heart once was, my hand passes right through for I have forgotten that you took my most important possessions with you... my eyes begin to shut for their last time...and my breath is at its last. In my last moment of death the door creaks open and the smell of life seeps in...The smell of you, the smell so beautiful that I even thought it to be that my nose itself was a rose in full bloom...love finally returns...but now I am soon to be no more...your too late...but I told you that you would care...with a smile on my face my last breath decays...if only you had come sooner...but now I’m dead...and soon you will be too.

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