can you tell me doctor
why i still can't get to sleep
(i don't know my problem, but i wanna find out)
and night times just a jungle
with my soul out on the street
and what's this pain that comes and goes
can u tell me what it means
god help me i'm only 19
what the fuck are people asking for blood
i hope your ready
im shooting at helicopters with my trigger finger steady
these record exec's asking for my right to creativity
i get the nod from lui
and so the lyrics are then left up to me
yo, i say what i like do what i like you love it
say what you like do what you might, fuck it
this stereotypical day and age has got me sick
these aussie rappers stay in line so people
hangin on their dick
i've never gone with thre line, so u can like it or not
but like it's gonna knock me off
when im the defenition of pop
my whole crew my bomb squad
with lui as drill sergeant
under k-9 entertainment into war
we straight marchin
now everytime i make decisions
im trippin over my older written
verses with these curses bout shit
that wasnt descriptive
enough ive had enough
as shallow as one gets
writing derogitory words he knows hes gonna regret
im talkin bout my own emotion
war within my own devotion to expose
the true beneath this cloak of no composure
im chosen
to prepare the people properly for this prophecy
of perfect parables and paragraphic psychology ugh
so understand the next man cause he got his own view
but when it is left to two parties then it is bound to be blew
outta proportion throw'n caution out the window
not to the wind
funny how beginings link directly to the end
i dont know the answers
and i dont know the reasons why
don't ask me to explain
my understanding of why we die
i analyse myself
and its never what is seems
i dont know the answers im only 19
so now these terrorists keep tellin us
these presidents is perilous
im choking on my words when threats on buildings
start the end of it
my country under thumb, when all i want is sanctuary
away from all this shit talking and breaking what is meant to be
a multicultural society, its all just-might have beens
my people getting into fights
yo fuck this pointless violence
im not buying it like people getting weak instead of strong
nobody even looking up to just admit they was wrong
i write my song, lay my vocal, leave the lyrics in,
my notebook
hope'n the future if there is one will be re-open
and talk to the children of the next generation
so many fucking phones but no communication... mutha fuckers

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