It's like we were relaxing, sitting around talking, there was a little dancing, a little heated argument, a little bit of this, a little of that, and somebody said something that maybe they shouldn't have said. Now, I'm not saying it was you, and I'm not saying it was me, and I'm not saying that maybe it was somebody else, maybe it wasn't. I'm not saying. I'm not saying anything anymore.

Man, I'm sorry. This is nice music, and I don't wanna spoil it with another political tirade, 'cause I don't even like political poetry, 'cause most of it sucks, and most of the political stuff that comes to me is even worse than the stuff that usually comes to me, but—I hate this president even more now than I did before 9/11. A cancer on the world and in my soul. We have met the evil empire, and it is us. Every one of us who didn't vote may be worse than the people who voted for him. I hate everybody.

Anyway, I wrote this poem; it's short, it's mean-spirited, and I feel kinda bad about it, but I mean, I'm just so— Anyway. It's called "Another Political Poem," and it goes like this:

"William Rehnquist—I hope you die a slow and painful death.

"Sandra Day O'Connor—Die a slow and painful death.

"Clarence Thomas—I hope you die slowly and painfully.

"Antonin Scalia—Die with pain, slowly.

"Justice Kennedy—I forget your first name—I hope your death is painful and slow.

"President Bush—I hope you die so slowly, and with pain.

"Dick Cheney—Die painfully slow, with slow pain.

"John Ashcroft—Die slowly, painfully.

"You are all criminals. You will never go to jail. So just die, as soon as possible, with great pain, slowly.

"I would die the slowest, most painful death of all of you if it meant that just half of you would die now.

"Call me liberal, call me twisted and sick, I don't care. I hate you all, and I hope you all die."

And that's the poem, and that's fine, except, I mean, what's the difference anyway. They die, and worse ones come and take their place.

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