There's a fire in the valley
That’s killing many for the few
And a funeral for the living
The dead have gathered around to view
While some are forgiving
I'll spend my life hunting you
With this
I am willing
To begin the killing
In the end they will find
Their lives belong to this
Soul taker
When I find you
I'll strike you down
6 ft in the ground
A piece of steel
Led in the crown
It ends on round

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    General CommentTake revenge if you really want to, but realise that you won't accomplish anything.
    LordRetardon April 23, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti found it on their site.
    dylan617on July 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThose lyrics do not match the song itself at all. It's strange though that you got that form their site. Dark Lyrics ahs the right ones.There's a fire in the valley.
    That's killing many for the few.
    And a funeral for the living.
    The dead have gathered around to view.
    When heaven burns to ashes.
    Their dreams will come crashing too.
    While some are more forgiving.
    I'll spend my life hunting you.
    Murdering bastards.
    You fucking killed her.
    When you burned.
    Could you feel her eyes staring back at you?
    Kill him, kill him, just fucking do it.
    When he is dead.
    This will be all over.
    And we can get on with things.
    Take this, use it. They deserve it.
    But in their deaths. Realize she will never.
    Be coming back to you. Only death behind.
    Focus all my energy. Prepare myself to slaughter swine.
    Decimate the wicked. Eliminate their worthless lives.
    String 'em up. Drip them motherfuckers dry.
    Murdering bastards. You fucking killed her.
    When you burned. Could you feel her eyes staring back at you?
    I killed him, I killed him. Just fucking did it. But in a way.
    I feel empty inside. And can't get on with things.
    I took it, and used it. They deserved it.
    As I sit here wracked with disbelief.
    That she will never be coming back to me.
    I'll strike you down. Six feet in the ground.
    A piece of steel. led in the crown. This ends here and now.
    Somehow I knew you'd be here. You took so long.
    Regarding your fears of treason. You've got it all wrong.
    I feel your rage, it's rising. Our blood is not theirs.
    It's all over the cleansing. I'll see you in Hell.
    Forgive me for I have acted. Against my own blood.
    I never meant for all of it. To happen this way.
    A man makes his choice, God willing. To live with his shame.
    I have so much love for you. I knew I'd die today.
    DakkonRavencrofton April 23, 2006   Link

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