I am just another fool
And I have to
Keep telling myself that

I am just a hypocrite
And I have to
Keep calling you on

'Cause I forgot to bite my tongue
And my assumtion
It is the mother of all mistakes

But I assume the role
Open my mouth
And clumsy words escape

So why ya, wanna be there?
When you could be here?
You are slippin' away...

I awake to your replacement;
A bottle in my mouth
In an unfamiliar place

'Cause you put me out
The butt of a sick joke
Into this ashtray life
As you come and go

'Cause I forgot to service you
And we broke down
And you can't live with my mistakes

But I assume false grace
Open my arms
And grasp for something true

How are you, how have you been?
Girl, I miss you
Wanna see you again

Oh why ya, wanna be there?
When you could be here?
You are slippin' away...

I bring out the worst in you
And you try to let me know
You bring out the worst in me;


I'm trying hard to let you go
You say I'm giving you the creeps

But I assume the role
Open my claws
And grasp for your heart

How are you, how have you been?
Girl, I miss you
Wanna kill you again

Into you
Like a mortal stake
So vindictive...

Girl, I'm slipping away...

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Violins (acoustic) song meanings
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    General CommentThe acoustic version of this song is just beautiful- the perfect song to listen to when you feel awful, it's so wonderfully sorrowful.
    The meaning of it is pretty clear, it's about longing for someone after the dissolving of a relationship, but unusually it focusses on the negative aspects as the ones he misses the most, they're the most intimate memories he has.
    "'Cause I forgot to service you" -he acknowledges maybe he didn't put in all the effort he could have done.
    "How are ya, how have you been?" -he is longing for news of her, just for some contact.
    "I bring out the worst in you" -it wasn't a happy relationship but it was their relationship non-the-less.
    "Girl, I miss you
    Wanna kill you again." -the relationship was killing both of them, but he cherished it so and he wants to be with her again so much, to the extent that he'd return to the unhappy partnership again, just to be close to her.
    "Girl, I'm slipping away..." he is losing himself, he needs her again.
    Adore it, check out this version of the song- it's ace.
    fearon May 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWord. Wtf Ya know I looked this up and the damn thing wouldnt show up. Only under lagwagon. And the person *not naming names AGAIN* screwed up the lyrics. Ah well..

    "Ive never really gotten into lagwagon or Joey Cape, but alas theres 3 songs I absolutely couldnt live with out, this is one of them. I agree with Punky I think its about some girl whos a major bitch but he really loves her so hes having a bloody hard time letting her go (for whatever reason), even tho shes practically dragging him down and making him crazy.

    Im sure the "violins" has to do with him being in love with her. Ya know how they say when you meet THE ONE you hear violins? Eh who knows. I know i just love this song."
    askingtoomuchon May 10, 2007   Link

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