"Double Dutch Bus" as written by and William Bloom (aka Bill Bloom) Franklyn Leon Smith (aka Frankie Smith)....
Gimme a "ho" if you got your funky bus fare

Ho! ho! ho!

There's a double dutch bus coming down the street
Moving pretty fast
So kinda shuffle your feet
Get on the bus and pay your fare
And tell the driver that you're
Going to a Double Dutch Affair
Fe fi fo fum
Well I'll be darn here it comes
The Double Dutch Bus is on the street
You'd better get off the curb
Move your feet

Bus fare trans-pass
That's the way my money lasts
Ain't got no car to get around
When I go to work I've gotta go downtown
Now I've missed my train
That's a darn shame
When I'm running late no sleep's to blame
If you've gotta wife you know I'm right
Gotta special man well I can understand
Uptown, downtown everybody's getting down
Say uptown, say downtown
Well I missed my bus I know I'm late
I gotta do something I know I hate
I'm gonna walk to work fifteen blocks
I already got a hole in my socks
Go ahead and laugh that's okay
'Cause what I really wanna say
I got bad feet my corns hurt
To top it off I'm late for work
Let me tell you what I say
When I'm dealin' wit a funky sidewalk
Let me show you how I walk
When I gotta do my funky walk
Let me tell you what I say
When I'm dealing wit a funky sidewalk
I say shhhhhhhhhhh-sugarrrrr

Hizzey, gizzirls! y'izzall hizzave t' mizzove izzout the wizzay sizzo the gizzuys can plizzay bizzasketbizzal

Izzsay whizzat? nizzo yizzou izzain't

Y'izzall bizzetter mizzove!

Izzsay whizzat? willze illzain't millzovin'

Shillzu-gillza! milzza nilzza bilzzaby!

Willze illzare plizzayin' dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch!

Willze illzare plizzayin' dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch! dizzouble dizzutch!

Millze gillzot sillzomebillzody plillzays dillzouble dillzzutch


My gizzirl!

Brillzing her izzin!

Izzo kizzay!

Izzall rizzight

Izzo kizzay!

Izzall rizzight! nizzow wilzee wilzill zillzee

Bip, bomp, bam alakazam
But only if you're grooving
With the Double Dutch Man
Put on your skates don't forget your rope
'Cause I know I'm gonna see you
At my Double Dutch Show
Rebecca, Lolita, Veshawn and Dawn
Every time you do the Double Dutch you really turn it on
Bilzarbra, Milzary, Bilzetty, Kilzam
Tilzommy, Tilzerrance, Bilzobby that's my man
Come on get on my Double Dutch Bus
(The Double Dutch Bus)

Let me hear you say do that
(Do that)
Let me hear you say do that again
(Do that again)
Let me hear you say do the
Do the do
Let me hear you say do the do the do
Do the do the do
Do the do the do do do do do do
Do the do the do do do do do do

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"Double Dutch Bus" as written by William A. Bloom Franklyn Leon Smith


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    General CommentI first heard this in a Baskin Robbins when I was 11 or so. Very appropriate as it's really a 5+ minute piece of sonic candy. I was immediately enamored, never heard anything like it. So fun and epically funky, it seems to go on forever but never gets tired. And the interactive/call and response side of it was new to me, not to mention the made-up words. Briliant. My little frozen mind was blown. I had no idea what a Double Dutch bus was, but paid my funky fair and got on. I don't think i heard it for years after that, but could always bring it up anytime I wanted.
    Chinupon May 13, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"Milzee-gilzz-
    I silzum billz
    I-killza dilzzouble-dilzzutch!
    My gizzurl!
    Wilzinga izzat?
    It's okizzay!
    It's alrizzight!
    It's okizzay!
    It's alrizzight! Nizzow wizzee wizzill silzzee!"
    unspeakablemeon March 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentRaven Symone does a cover of this song. I've never heard the original, but her version's pretty cool.
    jamieanne92on November 09, 2009   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionHere's the missing rap in pig latin that he sings with the girls, along with translation:

    FRANKIE: Hizey gizirls, yizall hizave t' mizove izzout the wizay sizo that izeye can plizay bizasketbizall.
    (Hey girls y'all have to move out the way so that i can play basketball)

    GIRLS: I say wizzat? Nizzo-izzo wizzay!
    (Say what? No way!)

    FRANKIE: Yizzall bizzetter mizzove!
    (Y'all better move!)

    GIRLS: I say wizzat? Willze illzain't millzovin'!
    (Say what? We ain't movin!)

    FRANKIE: Shillzu-gillzar! Willzeye-nilzot, bilzzaby?
    (Sugar! Why not, baby?)

    GIRLS: Willze illzare plizzayin dizzouble dizzutch, dizzouble dizzutch, dizzouble dizzutch!
    (We're playin' double dutch!)

    FRANKIE: Milzee gilzot silzomebilzody plilzays dilzouble gilzood.
    (Me got somebody that plays double good.)

    GIRL: Whilzzoo?

    FRANKIE: My gizzirl!
    (My girl!)

    GIRL: Brillzing her izzin!
    (Bring her in!)

    FRANKIE: Izzo kizzay!

    GIRL: Izzall rizzight.
    (All right.)

    FRANKIE: Izzo kizzay!

    GIRL: Izzall rizzight! Nizzow wizzee wilzzo-izzo-zee!
    (All right! Now we will see!)
    XyzzyMagicaton December 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI heard this for the first time on the radio recently and got a kick out of it, though I had no clue what a "double-dutch bus" is. My first guess was that it might be a euphemism for a drug dealer (like the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man" & Grateful Dead's "Candyman" were, though few know it now)... Then his suggestive tone, use of the name "Lolita", calling names out, the way they "really turn it on" and some misunderstood lyrics made me think it must be a sexual metaphor of some kind (though the cute-sounding little girl that raps solo with him made that idea sound pretty warped).
    XyzzyMagicaton December 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentY'all really don't know?? Double dutch is just playing jump rope, only with two ropes being turned in opposite directions rather than one single rope. There's probably about a thousand videos of it on YouTube.

    There's nothing suggestive in the song. Frankie's from Philly, and he's just rapping about missing his bus (Trans Pass is a bus ticket), having to walk to work, and being blocked by some girls playing double dutch. That's all there is to it.
    law4on February 07, 2012   Link

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