"Topless" as written by and David/devoto Tomlinson....
Fruit on the vine
You get yours, and I get mine
Meat on your bones
They won't know, they won't know

I love your face
Just get away
I'm on my knees
Fuck you
Fuck me

I'm on my way
To feel you dislocate
Safe in your space
I'm open wide open


Come on


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"Topless" as written by David Tomlinson Howard Devoto


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    General CommentOk, I believe this song is about Temptation(and its self-destructing effect).

    "Fruits on the vine, you've got yours, I've got mine"
    The fruits are tempting to reach for....

    "Meat on your bones"
    Meaning its a Physical attraction.
    He only sees the meat and nothing beyond...the meat is what matters.

    "they wont know, They wont know"
    You can maybe refer to it as the "dark" side
    of the poet, trying to make the choice of giving up to the temptation easier.

    "I love your face, just get away"
    He knows he will eventually break, and wants her to go.

    "I'm on my knees, fuck you, fuck me"
    He is about to break, and hates her and himself for it.

    Im on my way
    to feel you dislocate
    Safe in your space
    I'm open
    Wide open"

    I'm not sure about this part yet.
    This is only a theory, of course.
    StainedForLifeon August 19, 2006   Link
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    Song MeaningFor everyone who doesn't know what this song means, I don't blame you it's a complicated message, It has to do with the garden of Eden in the bible. Fruit on the vine is the fruit Satan used to tempt Eve. You've got yours and I've got mine is when both Adam & Eve obviously have their fruit. Meat on your bones is what Satan also used to tempt eve. They won't know they won't know is another thing Satan used saying that God would not know. I love your face just get away is explaining how Adam felt towards eve after god showed up, how they could not stop love, and felt it was a torture, I'm on my knees is Adam saying to God please forgive me it was her fault (which it usually is if you really know your history). Then God did not forgive which led them to sin, and that is why Adam says fuck you fuck me to Eve, which is a powerful meaning, hope this clarifies things and I hope you can figure out the rest of the meaning by yourselves.
    And yes the actual lyrics are our love, not I love
    Abisaihidethingson March 13, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about sexual temptetion and has some parts insipred by Adam and Eve.
    "Fruit on the vine,
    You've got yours,
    And I've got mine"
    They share the fruit because it feels good to eat it, yum, yum
    "Meat on your bones,
    they won't know,
    they won't know"
    The girl is nothing more then meat, but still she is atractive and no one will know that she is really nothing more then meat on bones..
    "I love your face,
    just get away"
    He finds her very good looking and tempting but still he feels bad about it..
    "I'm on my knees,
    fuck you,
    fuck me
    He is on his knees and he will do anything for her. And because Ben really screams out the line "Fuck Me!" I guess the person hes sining about wants the pleasure all for himself, that also explains the whisper he makes after the chorus, yes he whispers "Me"...
    "I'm on my way,
    to feel you,
    Now he wants to go to a more violent level, the only way he will touch her again is if he can hurt her.
    "Safe in your space,
    I'm open,
    Wide open"
    He feels good and safe and happy everytime he is with her and he is also "open" which means that he will do anything for her, anything!
    "Like me,
    like me,
    like me"
    But then.. One of them falls in love for each other, and Ben dosent like it because the only thing he wanted was the sex, and now he has made a Sin..
    I think the meaning of the 'Me' screaming means that he only wanted the pleasure and that he did not care if she liked it or not, and because of that he became a Sinner and that just pisses him of..

    This is one of BB's best songs, it has a true rock feel to it and the lyrics are deep and well written..
    It's just epic!
    UnknownSoldier06on June 16, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe this song is about some sort of sexual taboo. It is about engaging in some sort sexual behavior which is unacceptable. He knows that this behavior is morally or socially wrong, but he wants to have it and has to have it.
    deeskeezon May 01, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationIn my opinion this one here is one of the hottest sex songs ever. It's not just about wanting sex so badly, but about the deepest and most intense feelings someone can have. On the one hand, there's that insane need and atraction for something, or someone and the pleasure caused by knowing that's not good, nor moral, nor socially accepted. On the other hand, just the opposite: darkest and most primitive hate and wish to destroy or "dislocate", hurt the one who makes the previous feeling appear. This contradiction just feeds the desire till the point it's unbearable, so the song also has that desesperation touch.
    So, yeah, this fucking turns me on so badly, this is the way I feel the lirycs.
    Ixilik128on November 11, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningThe song is about BDSM sex.
    "fuck you, fuck me. I'm on my knees. Meat on your bones. Noone will know" This song screams "BDSM sex".
    It's about hurting each other during sexual intercourse for heightened pleasure.
    jacob10534on October 21, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationShe's his temptation, similar to the Adam and Eve thing. He's also wanting to have sex with her "Meat on your bones they won't know" It's a forbidden love. "Safe in your space" He knows he can't touch her and shouldn't touch her. He's on his knees begging her and angry because he loves her and needs it. I don't think she feels the same towards him. He tells her he's on his way to feel her dislocate. He wants to cause her the same kind of pain she's caused him, or even rape her. He's angry and repeats "Like me" at the end. I think he's demanding her to like him or asking her if she likes the sex. Then the last lines are "Me. Me. Me" which kind of indicate that it's more about what he wants than what she wants.
    immafanofthaton February 01, 2017   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about the 2 sides of mind in the situation of self conflict. For example, I always imagine it like how much you want to love someone or how much you thought you did despite their evil inside
    Breaking carlon June 06, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI see song as a way of describing a poisonous love. He once believed he loved for the person for who they are. But realises he only wants them for their physical attraction hence the line "I love your face just get away" meaning he does not want to let this sexual attraction grow because he knows it is a sinful thing to do, but he cannot contain the urge too and will try to suceed in doing it.
    Zrt220on October 05, 2015   Link
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    General CommentOK I know these aren't quite right please give me feedback IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THIS I can send VIA MSN at alternative_rockmusic_chick@hotmail.com
    PainfulLullabyon May 12, 2005   Link

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