The nails that penetrate our casket once held together the bridge we burned
The complacent fools that we are, no hope to ever learn
Sinking deeper into every inch of my turgid wanton skin
Cryptic pleas escape from my tongue, “Will this massacre ever end?”
Brandishing their tools of darkness, blessed be the wicked ones
Jackals perched on top of the world, seeing all that is to come
The soil rots in green obsession, darkened sky reveals our plight
Midnight marks the recognition of their silent play in black and white.

Hail, hail – Destruction of the deities
Lead to – Venerate the guillotine
Inject – Needles piercing dying skies
Watch this silent play go by
Pushing – The envelope a little bit
Further – Than it was ever meant to be
Invoke – The knives into your stagnant eyes
Death to your silent play in black and white.

Images of sanguine memories remind us of what we once were
Forgiveness is not an option, vengeance is what we prefer
Slamming door decapitation, overtaken by a scarlet tint
Americult Gomorrization, they never got the hint
Angels mourn the absence of wings, things made sense when blood would shed
Holding hands down the primrose path where we would inevitably be lead
Now is the time to fight the hand that bleeds you, that razes everything in sight
Hope lies dormant until the day when we reject their silent play in black and white.

Calling – Incantation for demise
Homicide – Of all who we have walked behind
Conflagrate – Bonfire fueled by their lie
Watch this silent play go by
Swallow – Into your heart a thousand pins
Baptized – In your fetid blood again
No hope – Consumption of the soul is nigh
Death to your silent play in black and white.

Blind men scream the horrors they see to a nation of the deaf
Lined up for a cut at the wrist to take your mind off the stinging bullet.

You are as beautiful as a shotgun blast to the head
You meant the world to me; a world of lies
So now write a symphony with the cries of your dead
As I cut the sordid throat of your approach of genocide.

A soft strand of silken hair twists itself into a noose.

The seraphim who take their flight adorn themselves in scabs
Lacerated retinas allow the rise of darkness
Razors slice infantile wrists, viridian flows through
Eternal oceanic embrace has become you.

Malevolent fingertips pinch out the ashen sun
Mindless blinded lemmings march off their cliff into a new day
This is what has become of the so-called human race
You would be so gorgeous if I stabbed you in the face.

Time has been lost in your violent ambition to drain yourself dry
I cannot be murdered tonight, sadly
Tonight the sky will be ignited by a thousand burning angels
I cannot be murdered tonight
Too bad I’ve already murdered myself.

Lyrics submitted by epyon346

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