little bird i invite you, build your nest
little bird, i've got branches above my head
sway with me aimlessly, walk over mountains high
find winter nights with me, hang in your hammock high over me
hand over flight and all fright to me
cup your hands and be calm
rain tears on me be a storm
be placid, be glassy, be born
go ahead, be the bird in my horns

come with me

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Antlers song meanings
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    General CommentIts basicly a love song, he wants a girl to be with him everywhere.
    he give her the choice of being someone who loves him or someone who will destroy him. then he just asks her to be with him, its so lovely how is so different from the love songs of today.
    Numperson June 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think the correct lyrics are...

    Little bird I invited,
    Build your own nest
    Little bird, I've got branches above my head
    Sway with me aimlessly,
    Walk over mountains high,
    Find winter nights with me,
    Hang your hammock high over me
    Hand over flight and all fright to me
    Cup your hands and be calm.
    Bring tears on me be a storm.
    Be pleasant, Be classy, Be born.
    Go ahead - be the bird in my horns.
    Come with me. Come with me.
    trailertrash49on December 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentElvrum has a wonderful voice and it adds such a tender quality to this piece. The imagery is equally beautiful. I love the contrasting strength of the beast (for some reason I always pictured a moose) with the delicate nature of the bird. And as he's inviting her to come away with him in an offer of protection and guidance, but he still wants her to rain down her tears and be a storm for him, to affect his world...very humbling and beautiful
    radiomouse86on May 18, 2006   Link
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    General Comment Apart from the fact that this is probably the best produced acoustic guitar track I've heard in a long time (listen on headphones), it's just amazing. It's about a reindeer asking a little bird to make its nest in its horns, and travel together forever.

    It's such a sweet picture of mutual surrender. It doesn't matter that they're different animals from different worlds, the reindeer just wants to be with the bird. For the bird to be with the reindeer it would have to give up its flight. The reindeer tells it to put its hands up like horns and become like a reindeer. the bird has to put all of its trust in the reindeer.

    At the same time, the reindeer would be austracised from the other reindeer, whose social order is largely based on horn size. It also becomes defenceless, meaning it won't be able to defend its territory anymore and would have to spend its life wandering.

    To be together, the reindeer and bird both have to give up everything that makes them strong and proud. They have to be completely vulnerable. They have to leave everything they've known to be reborn and walk into winter together. And even if they don't make it. Even if they freeze and die, they will die together. But even after their bodies are gone, the nest and the antlers will always remain together. I really love that image. Just beautiful.
    oneheadedboyon November 23, 2010   Link

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