Hey sleeping beauty I'm gonna do my duty
I'm gonna give you a great big kiss
I'm gonna snap you right out of this...

Whoever put that spell on you
It's me they'll have to answer to, oh yeah

I know there have been others trying to be you lover
None of these guys have got what it takes
To make you become not unawake...

A hundred years could pass us by
A million stars up in the sky, oh yeah

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    General CommentClearly a reference to the fairy tale. But I also read it as a guy has a crush on this girl, and wants to be her number one man. But she's either jaded or sad and/or hung up on someone else. "Whoever put that spell on you". Perhaps she's depressed because a previous lover hurt her for example. And now, he just wants her to be happy ("I'm gonna snap you right out of this...); moreover, he wants to BE the thing in her life that makes her happy ("It's me they'll have to answer to..."). I love this song. I think its beautiful and sweet.
    breezeeon May 12, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHe came into the gilded chamber, where he saw upon a bed, the curtains of which were all open (her vagina), the most beautiful sight ever beheld--a princess who appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen years of age, and whose bright and resplendent beaty (again her vagina) had something divine in it (his penis or tongue). He approached with trembling and admiration, and fell down upon his knees before her (he is going down on her).

    Then, as the end of the enchantment was come (she orgasmed), the Princess awoke (not a virgin anymore), and looking on him with eyes more tender than could have been expected at first sight (she has just orgasmed and she is wide eyed), said:--“Is it you, my Prince? You have waited a long while.” (he has waited a long time to take her virginity).

    The Prince, charmed with these words (he is happy because he’s about to get blown), and much more in which the manner in which they were spoken (she is talking dirty), knew now how to show his joy and gratitude; he assured her that he loved her better than he did himself (he told her that he went down on her with more enthusiasm than he masturbates). Their discourse was not very connected, but they were the better pleased (they didn’t talk too much because they were too busy going down on each other), for where there is much love there is little eloquence(they were awkward with their sexual deeds). He was more at a loss than she, and we need not wonder at it(she had amazing head, he hadn’t cum yet); she had time to think of what to say to him (she had time to think about how to give head to him) for it is evident that the good fairy , during so long a sleep, had given her very pleasant dreams (she hadn’t fucked or been sexual for a while, but she has been dreaming about it for a long time). In short, they talked together for four hours, and they said not half they had to say (they had been fucking and going down on each other for hours, but they still wanted to fuck way more)… I could keep going for ever but you get the point, kinda crazy right?
    soxpride86on June 19, 2009   Link

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