Warning sign, warning sign,
I see it but I pay it no mind.
Hear my voice, hear my voice,
It's saying something and I hope you're concentrating
I've got money now, I've got money now,
C'mon baby, c'mon baby.

Warning sign of things to come (take it over, take it over)
Someone's talking on my telephone (when we're older, when we're older)
Hear my voice, move my hair.
I move it around a lot, but I don't care. (what I remember)

Warning sign, warning sign,
Look at my hair, I like the design.
It's the truth, it's the truth.
Your glassy eyes and your open mouth
Take it easy, take it easy,
It's a natural thing and you have to relax,
I've got money now, I've got money now.
C'mon baby, c'mon baby.
Warning sign, of things to come (turn me over, turn me over)
Love is here but I guess it's gone now (hurry up babe, hurry up babe),
Hear my voice, move my hair.
I move it around a lot, but I don't care.

Do you remember
What it is that you remember
Baby remember
Baby remember.

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Warning Sign Lyrics as written by David Byrne

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    General CommentJust a wonderfully bizarre and scary song. I like the warble effect they put on DB's mic.
    doodadon March 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI haven't a gosh-darned clue.
    Nillerzon November 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI really don't know.

    I do love this song, though; it's one my favorites, just for how the ending makes me feel.
    justinarmson June 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a man who has lost a relationship due to money going to his head once before and is now about to make the same mistake again despite the warning from his conscience.
    p1o2l3l4o5c6k7on September 10, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaningor maybe it's about being in a hotel room with a prositute that's about to rob you.(In a really bad area) Just as your trip kicks in, the only thing you remember is getting hit over the head with a vase. and then she robbes you . this has happend before didn't take the warning sign deja vu A true Master Piece.
    greggateson October 28, 2011   Link
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    General Commentwhen i think of this song i think of the awesome bass line.
    and then the rhythm of the drums and bass together.
    the little guitar sounds are cool on top.
    voice is last... i think maybe the lyrics are describing thoughts that pop into your mind... anxiety offset by financial security perhaps? the banality of haircuts?
    love it!
    songsrgoodon May 18, 2013   Link
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    General CommentOur superficial, materialistic and profit driven civilisation will collapse. Global warming, exploitation and alienation of the working class. People's attention to these serious issues is disrupted by all the distractions in our society. The media 'manufacturing consent', sports and the perpetual quest for profits/material gain.

    Social cohesion is the lowest it's been for many years. Trump and Brexit examples of this.

    Two distinct and foreign sects of society voting for very different things. One right wing, one left.
    Form and Functionon April 23, 2018   Link
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    General CommentIt's about man, a woman, and the American Dream. The woman has been mentally and emotionally sabotaged by the system for whom her partner works, and she is depressed and anxious. The system manufactures global warming and social injustice for profit. The woman has been given instructions to stay quiet and in the home so that the man can make money. Any attempt to deviate is gaslit. The man can't quite see that he is complicit, so he just works more and keeps having sex with her even though she seems pretty out of it. The woman would have had the imagination, creativity, and will to prevent global warming, prevent medical emergencies, and get people to slow down and teach people how to care about warning signs. Her state of health is the warning sign. The man is surrounded by propaganda in print, tv, and movies about the dominating relevance of haircuts and money to his own life. In his arrogance, he is insulted that she doesn't seem that into him, and wants her to remember that he makes the money. He emphasizes that he has money "now", implying that he once did not, and revealing that he thinks he has the right to pursue the American dream at a cost to women and every other living creature and the dang earth all the way out to space and beyond.
    Fairsingeron June 12, 2020   Link

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