One more breath
Is one too many
Wither away soon to die
Nothing left of this badly
Burned shell
Relinquish my breathing

Feeling so cold
The silence is deafening
Feeling so cold
In this Elysium dream

Covered in dirt
Vision dissipates
The blackness
Helps to forget
The sweet aroma of death
Is in the air
Smile as the casket closes

Life is a pale shade of gray
Choking the life out of me
Pointless existence
We've fucked up
My feelings are dead

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    General Comment
    Into Eternity, a band I came across quite some time ago and fell in love with instantly. The thing is..their lyrics aren't always so..well..good, and a lot of times they're very hard to analyze. However, they have some great songs with great lyrics and great sound all in one, Elysium Dream is one of them. What *I* get from this song is..this is a guy who has been hurt a lot in the past, and he has pretty much became numb to everything. Now he has a better life but he's still sad and numb "so cold in this elysium dream". I think now all he wants is to die, so he can be done with everything.
    WTFWJDon July 17, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    I'd have to agree with your interpretation of these wonderful lyrics. Man, I love those parts where acoustic kicks in, and where the double-bass drumming kicks in.
    Eliminationon June 20, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    An Elysium is a greek heaven. Though one is shrouded in despair, a dream may become more to you than reality, however, whence that dream is discovered to be false, it is only despair waiting for you. Because of all that has happened to him, he feels that he no longer has a point for continuing his life. He feels cold because his dreams were false, the silence is deafening because there is no one left for him. "The Blackness helps to forget" -Often times one can find solitude in the darkness. A calm sort of serene atmosphere is almost more than always better suited than one with much light. "The Sweet aroma of death" -To be dead would be a better turn for me, because I am empty inside, I once was left with a dream of better things, but this dream is simply a dream. & as for the last stanza, reiterating the first... "We've fucked up, my feelings are dead." That dream, of someone waiting for him, the one that is false, is false because something happened in their relationship that created a barrier between them. His feelings are dead because he no longer can return them because of this barrier he faces... It is the loss of will power. The defeat of his own self confidence. His ability to depict between what is real & what is false, believes him to be worthy of the ultimate sentence: Death.
    NeverGetSevenon June 26, 2006   Link
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    My Opinion
    i think that the part where he says "Feeling so cold, In this Elysium dream" he is saying that no matter how good something seems, it is always bitter for him
    gilpnaon March 04, 2009   Link
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    "smile as the casket closes"... yeah definitely is wanting death and would be greatful to recieve it.
    forever smackedon April 09, 2009   Link

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