This is like our...Hippy fantasy come true...Ah, campfires...Who got the marshmellows? Well, I heard there's marshmallows and s'mores this year, are there? F'real? Ahhhh....

(Band speaks out of the range of the microphone)

...Scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly,
Also known as a busta',
Always talkin' about what he want,
Wanna' get wit' a guy like that,

So...No, I don't want your number
No, I don't wanna' give you mine, and
No, I don't wanna' meet you nowhere
No, I don't wanna' none'a your time

I don't want no scrub,
A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me
Sittin' on the passenger side of his best friend's ride, tryin' to holler at me(microphone malfunction)

Hello? (Sorry.)

Yeah! Shit...We should do more covers, huh?

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No Scrubs (TLC cover, Live version) song meanings
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    General CommentBrittney Engel
    Thesis: Imagination and things unseen are themes used in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as a security to explain the unexplainable and as an escape from understanding and dealing with reality.
    I. Deaf and Dumb
    A. It is an escape from dealing with reality.
    B. It is a result of the past.
    1. Chief’s childhood Story
    2. McMurphy’s childhood Story
    II. Cartoons
    A. They show people as cartoons.
    B. They explain things that seem unreal.
    1. Nurse Ratched
    2. Fights in the ward
    C. They give a comical approach to terrible events.
    1. Swelling hands
    2. Truck imagery
    3. Sliding down wall
    III. Machines
    A. They show people as Machines
    B. They show the ward as a Machine
    1. Combine
    2. Invisible Mechanical devices within ward
    C. They give reasons for things that happen on the ward
    D. They are used because Chief Bromden understood machines better than people

    IV. Fog
    A. It is used as an escape from reality and not dealing with the issues at hand.
    B. It diminishes after Chief Bromden owns up to his existence.
    V. Glass
    A. It shows a breakthrough of things unseen.
    B. McMurphy owns up to reality.
    britt_erinon February 27, 2006   Link

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