She stands on her suitcase
And looks out her window at me.
The smile leaves her face,
The mirror don't like what it sees.
So she hides all her secrets.
She's thinking I'll never know
That she burns like an angel
Into her fire she goes.

She don't miss nothing
Even though she pretends she don't see
Everything she's watching

She puts her hand next to me
She says give me one reason
Why I should be here again.
But then she blows out the candle
And shows me the reason again.

Cause she loves like an angel
She burns like an angel on fire
On fire

After the movie,
She walks in the park with a friend.
She tells it to her straight.
He don't mean nothing to me.
She says I can't believe him
If I gave him enough rope he'd hang me.
But when she turns to him
There's no place she'd rather be.

Cause she burns like an angel.
She burns like an angel on fire.

And she's stuck
When she comes on so hot.
And you have never felt
A heavenly slow burn.
I'm so hot,
When I leave her cold,
Frying in her room
Like angels always do.
And you think I love you
Just cause I said so.

Butterflies shiver
She lives all the things that I've known.
She's thinking her diary
Convincing her words as she goes.
She says heaven forgive me
Am I going to pay for my sins?
Cause she burns like an angel
Everytime she lets me in

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    General CommentIt is Chris Cornell singing, but I'm not sure if this is Temple of the Dog.

    I believe this song to be about a girlfriend of Chris's, that wasn't like him. She was an angel, innocent and sweet while hanging out a bad crowd. She says she wants to be with Chris, but she really wants to be away from him and his life yet she stays. And she feels like a sinner when she's with him.
    Topchrison December 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's a TOTD demo

    Lyrics are not always the personal story of the poet.
    I think this song is about a girl who her boyfriend doesn't really love her, but she holds onto him still and loves him anyway
    "And you think I love you
    Just cause I said so.'

    "If I gave him enough rope he'd hang me.
    But when she turns to him
    There's no place she'd rather be."
    ShadowOfThePaston December 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commentanyone know where i can find this song? if anyone wants to send it to me i'd be happy to do a trade of some sort...
    dirt388on January 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI know I'm like 5 years late for this guy ^^ but you can get the song from the "Temple of the Dog demos" section of or from Youtube. It's an absolutely AMAZING song... IMO the best TotD song... and it's told from both perspectives, plus a 3rd person point of view, of a bad relationship. It started good, with both sides treasuring eachother, but slowly turned bitter. He doesnt treat her right, and she knows it, but she wont leave him because she cant bear to go back to being alone. He keeps here around because he likes what she puts out... like in the 2nd verse... and she keeps him around because she needs a warm body to boost her up. It's one of the saddest TotD songs, especially because it could very well be a true story. It's also one of the best.
    Tig45on January 26, 2012   Link

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