"Here's to the Atom Bomb (Machina II)" as written by and William Patrick Corgan....
Away to the side you move your head
Gravity fingers dig in your back
The strangest man won't let you breathe
Rocking on you in a movie scene

His words fill your mouth
His guests bleed sick
Devoid of touch
He lets out to the streets where you were raised
Sittin' home waiting for the coming age
You had to wait your turn
You had to wait your turn

Wake up early, wash up late
Satellites connect you to your hate
Your patience grows but your skin is thin
The pager signals they're coming in
Through the hole in the wall
You left the hole in the wall

Here's to the atom bomb
May everyone find a way to get on

A little piece of heaven is all you seek
In the same old re-run week after week
Their faces make you want to kill
The little piece of heaven singin' on the windowsill

No lights can turn you on
Pixelate the night
Reading the words
Of your eyes on the streets where you were born
Sittin' home waiting for the coming dawn
Near the hole in the wall
You left a hole in the wall

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"Here's to the Atom Bomb" as written by William Patrick Corgan

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Here's to the Atom Bomb (Machina II) song meanings
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    General CommentBilly, I think, was really ...bitter... with the female race by the time Machina (and subsequently Machina II) came about. Years of having his heart cut open probably brought about a pleasant combination of anger, sadness, desperation, and desire for vengeance in him. Hence the concept of this song and many other late Pumpkins songs--the mysterious, beautiful (but heartless) girl who tears out (in this case, Billy's) heart, and yet, Billy can't stop feeling these emotions for her. As the lyrics to this song go:

    Into the bed you hang your sling
    To watch your man as he seeks relief
    You cut out his heart and watch him die
    So we can know you, and that you're alive

    If those lyrics don't spell out Billy's message, then listen to the song a few times. As a guy, I have definitely seen the world through Billy's eyes more than once. And having your heart ripped out hurts worse than anything you could imagine. As I am sure most of you know.
    virex7on April 11, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is an amazing song. Why doesn't it have more comments?
    Cam-winon February 01, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, its pretty interesting to me...
    mandarin_502on March 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis seems like a compelation of romantic trageties by william shakesphere. Horatio is a character in hamlet, and in a Midsummer night's dream in the begining a character must play a wall because two lovers communicated through a hole in a wall.
    aptitudeon February 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe original song is on Judas O (the disk with Rotten Apples) and I think it could be in TAFH, but I'm really not sure.

    I used to really love this song (the original version).. I cant quite put my finger on why. The repetition maybe.. I could associate with it- 'A little piece of heaven is all you seek/ from the same old re-run week after week'
    -wishyouwerehere-on March 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI found out where to find the original version of this song.

    It was originally on the Try, Try, Try single, but you can also find it on Judas O and possibly the Untitled single.
    Cam-winon April 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a girl who uses and destroys men. Billy's lyrics are really poetic, and while they seem to be a bunch of random images, he's actually trying to say specific things. However, we all have different takes on what he means. Here's what I think:

    "Clung to the sweater from the day you were born":
    The girl attaches to men and uses them, as she has her whole life.

    "Never knew better, that's what you swore":
    The girl says she doesn't think she's doing anything wrong. To me, this implies that the girl knows that she's doing wrong, and doesn't care.

    "Mother heard you cause the walls were thin":
    I think this is about the girl having sex in her house as she seduces guys, and her mom hears it.

    "In saturnine, sweetness, and horatio fin":
    Hah I have no idea what all this means. Saturnine is obviously the song from the Machina II EPs, and I think its about a person of the same name. I heard somewhere that "saturnine" is an astrological term in which the planet saturn entrances people; perhaps Saturnine is the name of the girl who Billy is singing about.

    "No boy could spell you out":
    Even though this girl seduced lots of guys, none of them ever suspected her intentions.

    "In the grass at night
    Beneath the stars
    You grew right past the streets where you were raised
    Sneakin' out early to a secret place":
    I think this is also about sex.

    "Like a hole in the wall":
    I'll get to the part about the hole in the wall at the end.

    "Into the bed you hang your sling
    To watch your man as he seeks relief":
    The guys that the girl sleeps with are tired and world-weary, and they sleep with her to "seek relief". However, she uses them for her puposes and then leaves them.

    "You cut out his heart and watch him die
    So we can know you, and that you're alive
    As the hole in the wall
    You are the hole in the wall":
    She doesn't actually kill the guys she sleeps with, but she causes them pain. These lines explain why the girl hurts these guys; it's almost like she's doing it for sport, or out of a whim, like a kid might tear down an anthill just because he can. It's interesting to note that when Billy sings these lines, he doesn't really sound angry. This isn't an angry song, its more resigned and sad.

    "No one can know your song
    In kisses and noise
    Now you belong to them all":
    I think that, in a way, these lines say that the girl is only one of many other women who use men selfishly. Billy says that the girl 'sings the same tune' as other women who seduce men; now, she belongs in the same group as these women.

    "Awake to the dawn and scratch your eyes
    Light the prayer candles that you remind to
    Send you a boy that you could waste
    A little piece of heaven to set you straight
    Through the hole in the wall
    You are the hole in the wall":
    This verse is interesting; it discusses how the girl wants to ruin boys in spiritual terms. The girl prays ("lights her prayer candles") and asks ("reminds the candles") for a boy to waste. The entire verse is pretty ironic, because when people usually pray, they are asking for good things to happen, not for bad things to happen to other people. It's a creative way for Billy to show how bad of a person this girl is.

    The rest of the song I don't really understand, sorry. As for the repitition of "the holes in the wall", well, I don't understand that so much either. In a lot of his music, Billy Corgan takes a random object and makes it a symbol for something specific. For example, in Muzzle, he calls his relationship with the girl he loves "the world", and when they broke up, he "knew the silence of the world". I can't help but think that the holes in the wall is some kind of metaphor, but I can't figure it out. Well hope this helped people.
    gandhidogon June 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI am pretty sure the official name of this song is Atom Bomb, so as to differentiate it from "Here's to the Atom Bomb."
    Its about love coming to a tragic yet somehow not a totally disasterous end end. Billy at least seems to have made his peace with it.The song is very passive, doesn't have any angry chords or lyrics which Billy so often throws in when he wants to get that sort of point through.
    Talal785on July 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've been doing some thinking, I think I might get the last verse.

    "and sons that cry"
    The girl may have gotten pregnant.

    "to the night of the dead and the wishing ghost
    beating on you to drain morose "
    The girl begins to wish she had lead her life differently, the "wishing ghost" is an image describing her desire for a different life.

    As for the holes in the wall, Billy begins by saying the girl snuck out to sleep with guys "like a hole in the wall". Then, she uses guys maliciously and selfishly, making her the hole in the wall. Afterwards, the girl goes on with her life, possibly with a bunch of illegitemate kids, and Billy calls all of us the holes in the wall. I think, by the end of the song, Billy has begun to sympathize with the girl he is describing in the song, because her life sucks. The holes in the wall might be a greater metaphor about the human condition and how we must always make ourselves suffer. The image of a hole in the wall makes me think of urban decay, something ugly with the foundation of a building. Maybe he means that people always make themselves suffer, like a hole in a wall. Or something like that hah.
    gandhidogon January 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with most of the previous writers.

    One line that wasn't really touched:
    In saturnine, sweetness, and horatio fin
    -Saturnine means gloomy or gloominess. It's describing her emotions as she is having sex; there is sweetness and depression at the same time. I believe Horatio Fin could be the man she is having sex with. I have not come up with any other idea.

    The Holes in The Wall
    -When there are holes in a wall, it is not in great condition and it is not perfect. Like an atom bomb devastating lands, similarly the holes are problems, so to speak. The girl is described as the "Hole in the wall" at times, which maybe implying that she is demented and crazy. "We are the holes in the wall". We are not perfect.
    Detsub1494on May 19, 2007   Link

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