The demon queen of high school has decreed it
She says Monday, 8AM I'll be deleted
They'll hunt me down in study hall
Stuff and mount me on the wall
Thirty hours to live, how shall I spend them?
I don't have to stay and die like cattle
I could change my name and ride up to Seattle
I'll jump right on my motorbike
here's an option that I like
Spend these thirty hours getting freaky

All hope is gone, I'm a dead girl walking
I'm on your lawn, I'm a dead girl walking
Before they punch my clock
I'm snapping off your window lock
Got no time to knock them, a dead girl walking

(Ah Toni, peaches, what's going on?)

Had to see you, hope I didn't wake you
But I intend to hold you 'til I break you
'Cause Cheryl says I gots to go
You're my last meal on death row
Shut your mouth and lose them tighty-whities

Tonight I'm yours
I'm your dead girl walking
Go lock the doors
I'm a dead girl walking
I've got one night to kill
Before they roast me on the grill
Grill down to the will of a dead girl walking

You know, you know, you know
It's 'cause you're beautiful
You say you're numb inside
But I can't agree

So, the world's unfair
Keep it locked out there
In here, it's beautiful
Let's make this beautiful

(That works for me)

Full steam ahead, take this dead girl walking
(How'd you find my address?)
Let's break the bed, rock this dead girl walking
(I think you're talking about Prince)
No sleep tonight for you
Better chug that Mountain Dew
(Ok, ok)
Kiss away my fears
Make this whole town disappear
(Ok, ok)

Teach me to be brave
I am standing on my grave
But no more talking (whoa-oh)
Love this dead girl walking
(whoa, whoa, hey, hey, yeah, yeah)
Love this dead girl walking
(whoa, whoa, hey, hey, yeah, yeah)

(Love this dead girl)
Wait, wait
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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"Dead Girl Walking" as written by Laurence Crawford O'keefe Kevin Colin Murphy


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    General Commentwhy has nobody pointed out how creepy the lyrics are to this song?

    I still like it though =P
    haunter259on April 09, 2005   Link
  • +2
    General CommentMy strongest argument is that he’s closing/has closed off all thoughts of his ex.

    All the folding in the video is a metaphor for Beck dismissing anything that ever happened with her. In the first part of the lyrics he could be talking about running into her and seeing that she is miserable because she messed up. She has a fake plastic wedding ring on and seems to be generally disheveled – She’s pounding on machines, strutting oddly on a beach.
    Then in the chorus he says that he knows he’s going to steal her eye -- as in she'll want to come back. But he’s going to make her die and put all memories (soul) of her where they belong. She throws a coin in a dust fountain -- as in she’s trying to make a wish that they'll get back together but everything is dead (dust). All she hears is white noise -- Beck wont respond to her. In fact, she has a ticket for a midnight hanging (he's putting an end to it all) “throw a bullet from a freight train leaving” He's sending her and all her baggage away and anything she can say wont hurt him (throwing a bullet)

    There was a lot of imagery in the video. In one part we see a chalking of a lot of rainbows and hearts. One heart even has a BH in it! Then, that chalking folds up to show an outline from a murder scene. In another part beck looks at a sun guard that says “go now, paradise is knocking” and he folds it up to read “no parking!” Could these be symbolic? Is he folding up the promises of paradise, love and rainbows to show murder and denial?
    The video also features pieced together el camino. A camino is a path or a road. In the end of the video the el camino is toed away and Beck doesn’t seem to care. Maybe that was his pilgrimage away from this girl? Now that path has been crossed and “toed away” so that there is no going back.

    This argument seems pretty sound to me but it still leaves a lot of lyrics and images from the video unexplained:
    1.) what the hell is he saying -- “my… girl”
    2.) bleached bones?
    3.) black tongue tied around the roses?
    4.) hands tied back and her rags were burning. crawling out from a landfilled life
    5.) scrawling name on ceiling

    I’m sure I’m missing a lot here. That video is rich with symbolism and imagery. There are completely different explanations out there too.
    loetzon June 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwell the reason on his site he puts "my...girl" is because beck is a genius and wants the true meaning of his songs to be up to interpretation. i personally hear suneyed sometimes but cyanide most of the time. i believe the song is about a murderer stalking a victim and many of the images in the video support this such as the "side effects include death" board in the pharmacy and the chalk outline of a body on the side walk. also his lyrics talk about happy things but have a dark or false twist to them such as a toy dimaond and bones bleaching on a beach. then obviously he talks about fleeing the scene of the crime on a freight train, but hey thats my intrepretation there is no right or wrong answer and thats why beck is such a unique artist.
    anto1122on February 22, 2006   Link
  • +1
    General CommentAAH this song is so...awesome. It is like a modern "Girl From Ipanema", it definately rocks me. The remix is even better (not the one that is on the cd, its on vinyl/online), so check it if you can. For me, Girl is to Guero what Paper Tiger is to favorite.
    offbeatnikchickon April 03, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI love how the music and lyrics don't match in this song. The music is like HAPPINESS and the lyrics are like DEATH RARAR I EAT U
    Theories for the word between my and girl:
    neenyjuiceon April 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe narrator has gotten into a relationship with a girl that is a total psycho.

    When they first met, she was literally trying to lick a rosebush. She once tried to smash a vending machine open. He once bought her a toy diamond ring as a joke, and she's never taken it off. During what should have been a romantic walk on the beach, she started spitting on some old bones left over from a barbecue for absolutely no reason. She once tied herself to a bed and tried to immolate herself. She's way too open about that one time she tried to hang herself. She scrawls her name on ceilings...see what I'm getting at here?

    He's considered, in his less merciful moments, about sending her off on a train ride to get hanged somewhere. But then he thinks she'll run up to a window and try to shoot him, but she can't work the gun right, so she unloads a round and throws it at him.

    Despite the fact many of her mannerisms make her a threat to herself and others, he still loves her. When she's not being insane, she's his sun-eyed girl. However, her actions are steadily driving him crazy. He's not sure if he wants to fix her, or kill her.

    There's nothing that he wouldn't try to help her, but if he has to put up with this much longer, he just might make her die.
    YanYan108on February 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHey I got a theory:
    What if the reason Beck hasn't confirmed the lyrics is because he wants us to interpreted them either way? Depending on the word the song's meaning differs drastically.

    "Cyanide Girl": Implies suicide, death, making the lyrics very dark.
    "Sun Eyed Girl": Implies that the girl, although surrounded by dark imagery, sees through and focuses on brighter things.

    I think Beck purposely pronounces the word so it could be either, leaving it up everyone to either see the glass as half full or half empty. I go with "Sun Eyed Girl".

    Eh? Did I just blow everyone's mind?
    Numb420on April 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAAH this song is so...awesome. It is like a modern "Girl From Ipanema", it definately rocks me. The remix is even better (not the one that is on the cd, its on vinyl/online), so check it if you can. For me, Girl is to Guero what Paper Tiger is to favorite.
    offbeatnikchickon April 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhat is he saying in between "my" and "girl"? It sounds like... summer. Or sunblock. Or sun nar girl.

    What is he saying?
    funkboyon April 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentActually, I noticed that too. I looked it up on his website, though and it actually says "my....girl"

    haha maybe they don't even know
    offbeatnikchickon April 07, 2005   Link

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