What's in a name?
Face on a stage
Where are you now?
Memory fades, you take a bow

Here in the dark
Watching the screen
Look at them fall
The final scene

And we go doot
Doot doot

Look at them fall
Flicker and fade
Gone are the screams
I put them to bed, now they are dreams

And we go doot
Doot doot

Lyrics submitted by MrLongrove, edited by AmensTheCat

"Doot Doot" as written by Ric Smith Karl Hyde

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    Lyric CorrectionThe lyrics, as posted above and in the comments, are incorrect.

    Here in the dark
    Watching the screen
    Look at them fall <--- this line should be "The curtain falls"
    The final scene

    Watch any live English-language version of this song and it is very clear what that third line says.

    As for the meaning: it is a bit... simplistic, perhaps, to take these cinematic allusions at face value. It's not a deep mysterious song, it's just about seeing someone and being attracted to them, feeling like they have taken center-stage in your life (or your mind, or your heart), and then they are gone and you're wondering: was any of that real? Were they ever that shining, beautiful person I thought they were? Or was that just another dream?
    c0dw4ll0pon June 26, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOne amazing song. Way ahead of its time, and my all-time fave songs from the 80s. The guys in Freur eventually went on to form the techno outfit Underworld.
    jimmyjango2000on August 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentMysterious song that somehow appeals to me.
    bnjon September 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt reminds me so much of Romeo & Juliet!
    kristieann87on May 27, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretationcroaking frogs (sex)
    barking dogs (response to emotions which drive the questions, "what" and/or "why")
    laughing man (common response to understanding a mystery, similar to an expression of "ohhh" (now i see))

    rock stars
    movie stars
    adoring fans
    reflection ("doot doot")

    fame is fleeting

    "what's in a name?" (what is the value of popularity)
    "face on a stage" (rock star at concert)
    "where are you now?" (the fame was only temporary, do you realize it now?)
    "memory fades, you take a bow" (after the popularity is over, even the memory of you/it ends. the bow is the last before the end)

    "here in the dark" (in the theatre)
    "watching the screen" (seeing famous movie stars)
    "look at them fall" (end credits, names, movie stars fall from fame)
    "the final scene" ("the end" is same for the movie and them)

    "look at them fall" (the famous rock and movie stars, their time ends)
    "flicker and fade" (slowly, like the end of a movie reel)
    "gone are the screams" (no more adorning fans, no more popularity)
    "i put them to bed, now they are dreams" (a once celebrity comes to terms w/ the end of fame and now fondly recalls the old days)

    "and we go doot doot doot" (sounds, like croaking frogs and barking dogs, but in this case expressions by no-more celebs reflecting on the glory days of fame)
    waywardtomon March 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGreatFryingPatties!!! They have them! And this song. Quite original-guess why it's calld "Doot,doot"... :) It's actually not bad.
    Thia007on November 23, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with the earlier commenter (waywardtom) that the verses are meant to evoke the fleetingness of the fame and attention that performers get. It questions whether there is a lasting impression on their audience.

    This is a song (like Underworld's later "Born Slippy NUXX") where the heartbreaking quality of the music is a key to understanding the song's message. The two songs coincidentally have in common themes of futility and something the singer longs for being fleeting and out of his reach.

    The enigmatic verse "and we go 'doot. Doot doot." is the singer comparing himself to screen idols and performers of the past and saying that at the end of it they're just this group of pop musicians whose possibly grandiose statements amount to nothing more than going "doot doot," like someone would hum a little tune to themselves to pass the time.

    Fame and attention and the idea that we're making an important statement are illusory and fleeting, in the end, we're just going "doot doot."
    Euthymiaon November 25, 2020   Link
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    Song FactEgad, I forgot to mention in my interpretation post that the very first line "What's in a name?" must directly relate to the fact that Freur originally had no name, or at least a very strange one.

    A full 10 years before Prince would become the Artist Formerly Known As, Karl and Rick named their first band with a single symbol. It was only upon demands from the record company that they came up with a (sort of) pronounceable name.

    And the first line of their lone hit: "what's in a name?"
    Euthymiaon November 25, 2020   Link

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