Cherub the angel
Roll back the hands of time

Enter the angel


You walk alone now
You're never mind
The walks you've taken
have left behind
All people sideways
They look at you
may god forsake me
cause I do to

I see bodies
Maybe, maybe someone is alive
Naked we smile

Hoo-hahahahahahahah, a-hahahahahohoho




You're right beside me
you gaze a view
your body's vacant
they crawl right through

those bodies falling
it's in the air
we're mixed so close now
but I don't care

ha ha ha

walk upon me
your body lead
you try to escape you
it's in your head

I'd better go back
I'm not over there

You walk beside me
you gaze at me
you're homeless now
or that times three

you gaze along
I'll make you talk you
there is no bong

your mind has cut you
you're bleeding now
your plans escaped
just like a bow

they walk right past you
they stop and stare
your body's lying
all over there



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    My InterpretationThe lyrics matter little... It's the sound and feel of the music. Hayes' laughs and screams make this a beautiful nightmare...

    This is the best version of the song.…. It's the most psychedelic, surreal one. It's angels, and visions of naked dead bodies, and a lost mind... You've lost it and are running, painted blue and naked, through Grand Central Station...
    TJsmartson September 22, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt reminds me of a psychotic hospital/nuthouse you might encounter in a HP Lovecraft novel. One of their best songs no doubt.
    Zero7teenon December 18, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionThe studio version is clear, kick-ass, a fine version. The Surfers' live versions on Youtube are also fun. But this video clip captures that nightmare version (Gibby going from accountant to running naked in public), playful nightmare, having fun, but just on the edge of society, Butthole Surfer style.…

    It's Texas psycho-punk at it's best. When Gibby screeches through the megaphone into the mike, it's heavenly hell. Paul screeches through his guitar, eyes closed, head shaking, a shaman.... The lyrics are meaningless beautiful cacophony, cherub angels, bullshit. It's beautiful insanity, beautiful insanity, beautiful insanity. Tasty.

    When I watch this, when I play this song loud, I forget everything else. It's a nightmare, but I'm on top. I'm the fucker, not the fucked...

    And I laugh out loud, crazier, louder than the other fuckheads...

    Shut up! Shut UUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!
    TJsmartson October 24, 2014   Link

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